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Getting Started with Amazon PPC: Your Guide to Sponsored Advertising

As an Amazon merchant, you’ve likely at least dabbled with Amazon Advertising. But given that Amazon Advertising is now considered one of the big-three digital ad platforms (Google and Facebook being the other two), dabbling simply isn’t enough. The game has changed and the question is no longer: “Are you using Amazon Advertising?” but instead: “How well are you using Amazon Advertising?” Download this whitepaper to learn how to get started with Amazon sponsored ads.

Know Your Numbers: How to Not Drown in Advertising Data

In the world of Amazon, there’s no shortage of data points. Between IPI (Inventory Performance Index), account health, product reviews, conversions, it’s hard to stay on top of it all. Chances are, you’ve gotten lost in Seller Central once or twice. Logically, looking at a smaller subset of data, like advertising data, should be less overwhelming. However, it’s still easy to get overwhelmed, especially when it comes to understanding which numbers mean what. Jeff Cohen, VP of Marketing, and Bret Darby, Account Director, take a deep dive into the key advertising data points you need to understand to make the most of your campaigns. You’ll also learn how these numbers work together to understand their fluctuations in tandem. A decreasing ACoS may result in an increasing TACoS. Jeff and Bret are also sharing their favorite advertising features inside Seller Labs Pro, PLUS their favorite reports from Seller Central.

Amazon Brand Store: Definition, Benefits, and New Features [Updated for 2020]

Amazon is constantly rolling out new ways to help sellers scale their businesses, and the most recent is the Amazon Brand Store. With this in view, Amazon is opening up more eCommerce features for third-party sellers that had been exclusively reserved for wholesale vendors, like A+ Content, for example. By adding more opportunities to showcase brand stories, smaller sellers can get their products in front of a bigger target audience

Amazon DSP: Understanding Demand Side Platform Advertising [2020]

Online sellers are always looking for new and exciting ways to reach potential buyers. High-quality display ads and video ads are a terrific means of letting the public know about the amazing products you have available. This is why Amazon has created its own Demand Side Platform (DSP). How does it work and is it relevant to your business? Find out here!

TACoS Tuesday: A Fresh Recipe for Amazon Advertising

It’s easy to get bogged down in all of the data points available to Amazon sellers, especially when it comes to Amazon Advertising metrics. Should you be watching your ACoS? TACoS? RoAS? CPC? What about conversion percentages? How do you know what really matters and what should inform your next steps? Watch Seller Labs VP of Marketing Jeff Cohen and Seller Labs Managed Services Account Manager Jeremy Crowe in a webinar all about separating the important numbers from the noise.

Amazon Sponsored Products Strategy: How to Organize Campaigns

Amazon Sponsored Products campaign organization is a surprisingly overlooked aspect of Amazon PPC strategy. While you could just toss all of your products into one big auto-target campaign, dust your hands off, and call it a day, you’d be missing out on many of the more sophisticated ways you can use to earn more from your advertising efforts. Spending some additional time thinking about your Amazon Sponsored Products strategy, in particular your campaign organization, at the outset will pay dividends both in the short term and the long term.

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Amazon PPC Strategy: Top 3 Amazon Tactics to Increase Traffic, Get Noticed, and Reduce Wasted Ad Spend

Learn these three Amazon PPC management tactics will help you increase traffic to your products all while reducing ad spend.

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Managing Data in Changing Economic Times

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, it is not business as usual, but how do you keep progressing in times like these? At every turning point in a business, the best place to go to is the data. Seriously, always return to the numbers. Data is powerful in telling you whether it’s time to pivot or persevere. Is what you’re currently doing serving your end goal? Have you even established your goals? For many sellers, the goal for now is to stay afloat. Be sure you’re approaching your goals with a SMART mentality. Then, return to the numbers to see if you’re headed in the right direction. Here’s how.

6 Tips for Using Amazon Product Advertising for Profitable Product Launches

One question that online sellers consistently ask us is “How can I use Amazon product advertising to improve product launches?” These same sellers tell us that when they’ve launched products in the past, they’ve tried reaching out to an external audience of loyal brand followers, running sales and promotions, and pitching lots of ad spend at Google and Facebook and Amazon. And the results have been less than optimal, not to mention costly in terms of time, money, and opportunity. We’re here to take the guesswork out of using Amazon product advertising for product launches and to help you boost your sales and establish your brand faster so you can watch those dollars roll in and see your product climb in ranking. Start with these 6 proven tips.

The 4 Cornerstones of How to Effectively Advertise with Amazon

How should you focus Amazon Advertising efforts? Build on these 4 PPC cornerstones: Campaign Quality, Keyword Quality, Budget Efficiency, Brand Awareness. From there, it’s a matter of optimization, but you have to have the fundamentals first. Here’s how to do just that.

Top to Bottom: Amazon Advertising Opportunities in 2020

There are more sponsored spots on Amazon now than ever before. From Sponsored Brands to DSP, learn what Amazon Advertising opportunities are available to you.