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How Inflation Impacts Amazon: Fuel Inflation Surcharge and 6 More Challenges to Watch Out

As inflation accelerates, it puts more pressure on consumer spending and changes online customers' shopping habits, posing new challenges to eCommerce store owners. This also rings true for Amazon businesses. To help merchants navigate their business risks, we put together seven main challenges that inflation has presented for Amazon sellers. Read on as we uncover key strategies to protect your profits in the face of a long-term crisis.

What is the FBA New Selection Program?

The FBA New Selection Program offers “free sponsored ads, promotional clicks, shipping, storage, removals, and returns on eligible, new products for a limited time”. On April 1, 2021, Amazon rolled out this new feature, seemingly to help new sellers and new products in their FBA warehouses.  There are a few high-level requirements in order to […]

The Amazon FBA Business: Is it Enough in 2021?

Several years ago, Amazon FBA businesses were the quick shortcut to being a millionaire and moving to the Bahamas. Everyone and their mother had an online business — starting an Amazon business was a profitable means of easy income! In 2021, that just isn’t true. Now the market is oversaturated with private brands or scam […]

Is Retail Arbitrage on Amazon Dead?

Retail arbitrage has been a successful Amazon business strategy for years. It’s not uncommon to hear about someone earning a ridiculous return on investment in a short amount of time doing it. But retail arbitrage is facing more challenges than ever, like increased competition, inability to scale, and increased pressure from Amazon to prove supply […]


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