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Know Brainer Foods Boosts Profits with Seller Labs Managed Services

Paul Larrieu
Paul Larrieu Author

Shari Leidich enjoys an active lifestyle. She often likes to hike, walk her dogs, and spend time taking care of her family. But one day, that all changed.

Within a matter of days, Shari felt her health condition decline. She felt weak, even on her strongest days and had trouble focusing on small tasks and conversations, to the point of having trouble holding a pen.

After a long and grueling search to gain back control of her health and a doctor’s visit, Shari found out she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. That’s when she discovered nutrition to be vital to restoring health in her body. She committed herself to heal her body through food, exercise, and meditation.

With newfound energy, Shari wanted to help others the way she’d been helped – through nutrition. So in 2004, founded Two Moms in the Raw, a sprouted, organic raw foods company whose philosophy of using food to heal shaped the foundation of their companies. Taking some of the same principles she used to cope with her MS, Shari incorporated those learnings into the recipe for Know Brainer Foods most successful product, Max Mallows, the first launch of Max Sweets, a ketogenic, no-sugar-added line of sweet treats that are actually good for you!

As a longtime Seller Labs customer, Shari had already witnessed firsthand how Seller Labs could help give her the data she needed – when she needed it – to grow her store on Amazon. Then, in March 2021, Shari was looking to take her Amazon store to the next level. That’s when she decided to work with Seller Labs Managed Services so she could spend more time working on her business and less time working in her business.

Since working with the Seller Labs Managed Services team, Shari has seen great results – and not just in profitability – but with finding a partner she can trust to take care of her Amazon advertising – from paying more attention to her Storefront, to ensuring consistency and comprehensive listing attributes, to becoming a category leader and getting an A+ rating, Shari has seen her store grow on many fronts.

Shari Leidich

When we work with Seller Labs, we feel like we are working with a member of the Know Brainer Team

Shari Leidich, Founder and CEO, KnowBrainerFoods

As Know Brainer Foods continues to work with Seller Labs, it will be looking to continue its growth in sales while focusing on bottom-line profitability, and holistically running the business more efficiently.


Total revenue growth by 70% in 2021
25% increase in units sold year over year
700% increase in average monthly impressions
More than 6.4 million impressions within the first 5 months

Paul Larrieu
Paul Larrieu Sr. Marketing Manager at Seller Labs

Paul is the Senior Marketing Manager at Seller Labs. Results and data-driven, he’s spent his career navigating through multiple disciplines within Marketing, and lately focusing on his passion: Demand Generation and Marketing Operations. Paul has 10 years of experience leading global B2B marketing strategies. An avid foodie, in his spare time you’ll find Paul trying out a new restaurant or food truck.


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