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KLIM Hits Its Advertising Goals and Reaches Its Highest Revenue with Seller Labs Services

Will Marcotte
Will Marcotte Author

In a highly competitive Amazon space, Amazon sellers may need help developing an effective advertising strategy and managing their ad campaigns. This is where a team of professionals can make a big difference. This case study unveils how the KLIM company doubled down on Amazon advertising and saw massive results with Seller Labs Services in its corner.

KLIM: The History of the Company

KLIM Technical Riding Gear is a global leader in designing, developing, sourcing, and distributing the most advanced powersports apparel for snowmobile, motorcycle, and off-road riding. KLIM offers gear for the most demanding riders, utilizing the world’s most premium technologies in waterproof, breathable, durable, and comfortable materials. Driven by the continual feedback and input from dedicated test pilots and passionate customers, KLIM strives to do one thing above all – enhance the riding experience.

In the Rocky Mountains, you can either stay cold or get hot and sweaty in the wrong gear.

Ben Parker, eCommerce Marketplace Coordinator working with KLIM and an avid mountain lover
Ben Parker

KLIM started out making gloves and jackets for skiers, particularly for ski patrols at various resorts. Later they eventually moved to snowmobile gear, which was unprecedented at the time, though that spawned imitators and competitors. While KLIM may not have started the one-piece gear, it perfected it and continues to stand behind its product quality.

What Was KLIM’s Biggest Challenge?

Advertising on Amazon could be a full-time job Ben didn’t have time to do. With so many changes, as well as the complexity of the platform, he wasn’t able to keep up. Despite Amazon providing some webinars and “how-to-optimize” guides, it didn’t deliver enough in-context information. To keep the rest of the business running smoothly, Ben couldn’t continue managing the Amazon advertising along with inventory, websites, communication, and the myriad other things that accompany running an effective eCommerce business.

Why Seller Labs Services?

Ben Parker had already been using the Seller Labs PRO software for some time before he started his partnership with Seller Labs Services. Occasionally, he realized that although PRO was a robust tool, he simply didn’t have the time to manage things alone. So, he chatted with our Success team to ask about any other options we could offer him, and he was immediately intrigued at the prospect of using our Services. Still, Ben did his due diligence shopping around advertising management options to find out Seller Labs provided the right price and service options for his needs.

We had been looking at a few different options for that, and Seller Labs just came in at a really great price compared to what we were getting from other people, other companies.  Seller Labs Services said “We can do the ads! If that’s all you need help with, here’s the price.

Ben Parker, eCommerce Marketplace Coordinator

In the early months of using Seller Labs Services, Ben did indeed check behind our team. However, it became clear to him that his original thought was right: he would not have been able to do this unassisted. After seeing the effort put into the ads and calibrating consistently with our managers, he ultimately decided to put more trust in the Seller Labs team and devote his time and energy to other tasks.

Results Since Switching to Seller Labs Services

Ben began to see real success from our advertising management towards the end of his third month of using Seller Labs Services. While the first couple of months were not at their target ACoS, their Account Manager, Alexi Bell, took some experimentation to reach the goals, communicating effectively with Ben to explain the full story. He also noted that their products are pretty niche and that finding the right Amazon shopper requires extensive research.

It took time for Seller Labs to know that market and that brand, to harvest some really good data to make everything better. After a few months of having data, it’s like this switch flipped. You know, everything just took off.

Ben Parker, eCommerce Marketplace Coordinator

Since then, KLIM has consistently been under its target ACoS, reaching as low as 5%. While that number fluctuates due to the new products being added and new research being done, it generally remains consistent. Ben also intimated that this 5% figure is alongside robust ad spend, meaning not insignificant advertising revenue for KLIM. Along with the advertising successes, KLIM reached its highest yearly total revenue ever.

2022 was about 38% above 2021, which was our previous best.

 Ben Parker, eCommerce Marketplace Coordinator

Results that Speak Volumes

Within a year of using Seller Labs Services, KLIM saw:

  • 38% increase in total revenue YoY
KLIM Total Revenue 2022
  • ACoS reduction to 5.7% in 2022
KLIM ACoS 2022
  • higher ad revenue compared with 2021
KLIM Ad Revenue 2021 vs. Ad Revenue 2022

What KLIM Values Most about Seller Labs

Ben took care to point out how easy it was to work with our team, specifically mentioning that he never received a negative answer to any request he made, hearing “Let’s figure out how to do that” instead. Combining this with a team he also found he could talk to about his personal life, Ben forged a close relationship with our team, founded on excellent communication with both business and otherwise.

Even though Alexi is no longer my Account Manager, I still talk to her every couple of weeks; she’s my buddy. I never leave a meeting feeling like that didn’t go well.

Ben Parker, eCommerce Marketplace Coordinator

At the same time, the Seller Labs Services team is inclined to stand to its central core business values, which are delivering consistent results and gold-standard customer service.

Alexi Bell

Driving a high, yet efficient, ROI for our clients is our number one priority here at Seller Labs. Second to that is fostering a genuine relationship with not only the brand but the team behind that brand. Ben is a prime example of that success! Watching Klim grow on Amazon and exceed all expectations has been a blast. I love playing a piece in that journey and pushing the bar even higher for next year.

Alexi Bell, Director of Account Manager team at Seller Labs

Ben also advises Seller Labs Services to anyone on the lookout for someone to manage their Amazon advertising, pointing out that when it comes time to balance the books at the end of the year, there’s no question about the fee he pays Seller Labs.

Some people may see the cost as high at first…but I could never do something else with that service fee to generate more money than I’m generating with Seller Labs. The Seller Labs line item is there at the end of the year, and I don’t have to explain it, they’re on board with it.

Ben Parker, eCommerce Marketplace Coordinator

As KLIM keeps working with Seller Labs, it will be looking to continue its advertising success, setting new goals and ultimately bumping the bottom-line profitability.

Seller Labs Services for Profitable Amazon Advertising

Will Marcotte
Will Marcotte Marketing Manager, Seller Labs Services

Will is a Marketing Manager with Seller Labs Services. He not only has multiple years' experience in the space, but prides himself on his ability to adapt to changes and help impart the impact of those changes to others.


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