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Use Case: Volcanica Coffee Creates Long-Term Sustainable Revenue with Seller Labs Services

Will Marcotte
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As the name suggests, Volcanica Coffee is a specialty coffee brand that imports and sells exotic types of coffee. Maurice Contreras started the company in 2004, with a focus and commitment to focus on high-quality, single-origin coffees, sourcing fine ingredients from volcanic regions around the world.

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Volcanica Coffee also prides itself on its commitment to constantly improving its coffee and everyone involved with its high-quality products’ ideation, manufacture, and advertising. As such, they needed the best people to manage their Amazon advertising, ultimately choosing to work with Seller Labs Services.

First, Some History

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s talk more about the origins of Volcanica Coffee.

Maurice was inspired not just by the intense flavor of some of the single-origin coffees he had tried up until that point but also by what he felt was lackluster, mass-produced coffee available at most grocery stores and coffee shops. At that time, he worked for a major phone retailer that had hired a third-party marketing specialist to revitalize its brand and product. Once that specialist had successfully done so, Maurice took a moment to ponder whether he could do this himself, ultimately deciding that he could.

Maurice created his first website for Volcanica using Yahoo stores but wanted more than the cookie-cutter approach, feeling he could do better. He then decided to educate himself using a virtually unheard-of method in 2023: going to the library. He checked out books to learn how to create his website, first learning HTML then CSS, followed by SEO concepts, all through books checked out at his local library.

Once confident with the website, he launched his online store, capturing sales within the first week. Given that he had a limited budget of only $5,000 for supplies, inventory, and anything else, he was pleased with the modest results so soon after launch. Nevertheless, he was still working his day job, with Volcanica being a side hustle.

However, after a few years, Volcanica became a full-time job for Maurice. While this was generally a wonderfully positive experience, there were challenges resulting from the rapid growth.

The Main Challenge

One of the biggest challenges was selling the products on the biggest online marketplace in the world: Amazon. As you may expect based on the story so far, Maurice began to learn as much as he could on his own, listening to podcasts, watching video guides, and attending webinars.

He eventually saw a video featuring Brandon Checketts and Jeff Cohen, his first exposure to Seller Labs. He signed up for Feedback Genius (now part of the Seller Labs PRO software suite) and continues to use it to this day. Nevertheless, it soon became apparent that he would need some assistance.

Seller Labs Services Is the Solution

At first, Maurice considered hiring an employee to handle advertising. However, onboarding an employee might take too long, and he wanted a high level of expertise right out of the gate. As such, he chose to use Seller Labs Services.

Maurice Contreras, CEO and Founder of Volcanica Coffee

If a seller’s not using SL PRO, they’re missing out on a critical tool to grow their business.

Not long after signing on, he saw improving revenue within a few weeks, which continued to grow over the following months. Because of this revenue growth, Maurice had the confidence and capital to expand, adding new products and even moving to a facility twice as large as his original location.

For people who are shopping around for someone to take care of their online advertising, Maurice would immediately suggest that they take a look at Seller Labs Services.

Maurice Contreras, CEO and Founder of Volcanica Coffee

It’s worth the investment, there’s a definite payoff. If you have the right product and the right price, you need advertising to succeed. Seller Labs Services provides that catalyst.

Results that Speak Volumes

 Ad Revenue growth by $100,000 in 2022:

Volcanica Coffee Ad Revenue Growth in 2022 MoM (navigated by Seller Labs Services)

What Volcanica Coffee Values Most about Seller Labs

Maurice’s favorite aspect of our services, apart from helping him continue generating revenue, is proactivity. He continues to be impressed by how quickly changes are made and how thoroughly campaigns are managed. Maurice also enjoys the personal interaction with the Seller Labs team, specifically mentioning how other agencies make you feel like a number in a list rather than a human being.

As time passes, there’s no indication that the growth Seller Labs Services has helped Maurice to achieve will slow down anytime soon.

Want a Similar Growth Experience for Your Amazon Brand?

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Will Marcotte
Will Marcotte Marketing Manager, Seller Labs Services

Will is a Marketing Manager with Seller Labs Services. He not only has multiple years' experience in the space, but prides himself on his ability to adapt to changes and help impart the impact of those changes to others.


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