Amazon Connector for Google Sheets

Amazon data automatically plugged into your Google Sheet

  • Save Time
  • Greater Accuracy
  • More Money

Manual reporting is a time-consuming and wasteful hassle.

Wastes Time
How much time do you or your employees spend creating reports? Copy-and-paste reporting?
Inaccurate Reports
How often do you make decisions based upon a report made by tedious manual entry?
Unoptimized Ad Campaigns
Why are you spending that much on that ad? Why aren’t you spending more? These are questions you can’t answer if you don’t have a good grip on your ad and campaign data
Poor Decisions
Are you making your business decisions based upon stale data? Last week’s data is usually too old.
Losing Money
If you aren’t looking at the right data and from the right source, you are saying no to growth and money in your pocket.
Automatic Reports. Illustration.

Why should I use the Seller Labs Sheets Extension?

Save Time
Automatic Reports. Illustration.
Automatic Reports
How much time do you or your employees spend creating reports? Copy-and-paste reporting?
Greater Accuracy
Seller Central Data. Illustration.
Seller Central Data
Throw away old, inaccurate, copy-and-paste reporting and pull in your data straight from Amazon Seller Central Account. See the latest and the greatest on the daily.
More Money
Data Insights. Illustration.
Data Insights
Make insightful, data-driven decisions to propel your business past the competition. Sell more, better optimize, advertise like a pro, and watch your revenue steadily climb.

Super helpful dropdown documentation.


Sample Usage:
‘=sl_keywords(“default”, “”, “”, “keyword, bid, serving_status”)”
‘=sl_keywords(“default”, “71844445819”, “278778753738”, “keyword, bid, serving_status”)”
Syntax Description:
sl_keywords ( venue_selector , list_of_campaign_ids, list_of_adgroup_ids, attributes)
sl_keywords(“default”, “11758309922985”, “276078802792547”, “venue_id, bid, state”)
Return information on keywords in your campaigns.


Return information on keywords in your campaigns.


Venue/Marketplace filter. Can use a number, such as 1 or 2 for the first or second marketplaceetc. in your Seller Labs account. Use “default” or 0 to select the default marketplace. Countrycodes (us, uk, mx, ca, etc) can also be used.
A comma-separated list or a data range of campaign_ids
A comma-separated list or a data range of adgroup_ids
A comma-separated list of attributes associated with a keyword including: keyword, venue_id,keyword_id, campaign_id, campaign_name, campaign_type, adgroup_id, adgroup_name, bid,created_ts, modified_ts, serving_status, and match_typs.

At a minimum, you save 5 minutes per table you don’t have to download from Amazon. Over the course of a week you save 9 hours.

Run in 9 hours. Illustration.
Run in 5 minutes. Illustration.

Start making smarter decisions and save more time with the Seller Labs Google Sheets Extension.

Breaking Breaking

Effective Jan 17, Amazon announced their first FEE increases for 2023 and it is basically everything. Full details here. All exact % changes are noted as well.

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