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Amazon Automation: Save Time & Grow Sales

Helen Golubeva
Helen Golubeva Author

No matter how big or small your Amazon business is, Amazon automation always helps.

Whether launching from scratch or extending your product line — we all know how frustrating it is to wear multiple hats. Automation will help you manage multiple projects so that you’ve got room to grow. 

Ever wanted to create passive income selling products on Amazon?  The key word here is passive. Amazon automation will grow your income, but not your workload. As you may know, your success is a combination of many small steps in the right direction.

CHAPTER I What Is Amazon Automation?

Amazon automation is a way to run and grow your Amazon business by delegating repetitive tasks to a software or a third-party service.

This can be done through Amazon’s internal Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program or with the help of partners like Seller Labs.

Below you will find more reasons why automating your Amazon business processes is a win-win both for you and your income.

CHAPTER II Why You Should Consider Automating Your Amazon Business

Running an Amazon business may be fun at the very start: you get your first order, pack it, then read your shoppers raving reviews.

Selling on Amazon

However, as your business grows, the work piles up around you. Outsourcing certain tasks, like asking for reviews or running PPC ads, will free up a lot of precious time for what really matters — running your eCommerce business.

Instead of putting in long 12-14 hours a day striving to keep your Amazon business up to speed, you can find a mentor or software (or both) to help you with all these different aspects of Amazon business.

CHAPTER III How to Automate Your Amazon Business

1. Enroll in FBA

One of the most obvious ways to automate your Amazon business is with Amazon’s fulfillment program. As an FBA seller, you will no longer have to pack and mail orders to your customers.

Just send your products to Amazon’s Fulfillment Centers and let them take care of the inventory management, order fulfillment, returns, and the rest. 

The Amazon FBA business is a combination between a traditional eCommerce business and a dropshipping business. Taking advantage of this business model also means that you’ll enjoy a profit margin of up to 24.9%

FBA fees are based on the size and weight of your products. Learn more by reading our full article on Amazon Seller Fees.

2. Amazon Email Automation

Sending relevant, timely messages is one of the most effective ways to build your reputation on the Amazon marketplace and influence how buyers perceive your brand. Automating this process should help you, as a business owner, save that precious time for the things that are more important right now and, thus, hit your goals even faster.

So, where do you start? Check out this guide for more details:

3. Amazon Review Automation

Shoppers take a leap of faith when they buy your product online. They can’t see, hold and feel your product prior to purchase. They rely on what previous buyers have said about the product by way of reviews. This is why asking for reviews should be your number one strategy that will ultimately help you build a successful Amazon business.

Seller Labs PRO provides you with a huge opportunity to solicit and influence seller feedback and product reviews automatically.

Seller Labs PRO Email Templates

The templates available in Seller Labs PRO will make the process easier, allowing you to send automatic review requests that are compliant with Amazon’s TOS. You can even use them if your seller account has been suspended from sending messages to shoppers.

Note: If your seller account has been temporarily suspended from sending proactive messages to shoppers, the templates written by Seller Labs won’t work. You’ll have to use the Request a Review Template written by Amazon.

4. Amazon Sponsored Brands Ad Suggestion Automation 

There are many more things that you can (and should) automate. Besides reviews and email automation, Seller Labs PRO allows you to automate suggestions for Amazon Sponsored Brands advertising.

This option will save a fair chunk of your time while allowing you to earn more revenue.

With our Amazon PPC Advertising software, formerly known as Ignite, you can optimize your campaigns in two ways:

  • Automatically adjust your keyword bids based on real-time performance (all the data is updated within a 24-hour window, to be precise);
  • Optimize wasted ad spend, removing irrelevant keywords.

Confidence and importance ratings will make it easier for you to make a decision regarding the suggested changes.

Confidence and Importance rating in Seller Labs

The Confidence rating goes up as your campaigns collect more data. The Importance rating increases as the keyword becomes more financially impactful to a campaign.

Find out more about Suggestion Automation and the way it can benefit your Amazon store in our Knowledge Base. 

5. Other Ways to Automate Your Amazon Business 

Take advantage of price tracking software such as Prisync or Competera. Whether you have a small business or a well-known brand, establishing a competitive product pricing strategy is a must.

Hiring a virtual assistant should also take a load of work managing your Amazon business off your plate. Virtual assistants will handle some of the mundane and repetitive tasks. Many specialize in social media, managing communications with buyers, you name it.

Automate your shipping, accounting, order and inventory management with any third-party multi-channel software like Expandly or Inventory Source.


Whether you’re new to Amazon or you’re a seasoned pro, there’s always something to learn and ways to improve your workflow. By implementing these tips into your Amazon selling strategy, you’ll write better emails, increase your brand recognition, and get more of a chance at winning the buy box.

Looking to Automate Your Amazon Business?

There’s no time like the present to start your 30-day trial of Seller Labs PRO.

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