Why You Should Automate Your Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging

Sending automated Buyer-Seller messages to Amazon buyers is the most efficient way to build a reputation using seller feedback and product reviews.

Utilizing Buyer-Seller Messaging is a clear win whether you’ve been selling on Amazon for 10 minutes or 10 years. But messaging your buyers effectively takes time. And if you’re like most Amazon sellers who are trying to scale their business, time is a scarce resource. That’s why automating the tedium of Buyer-Seller Messaging is essential to getting ahead and building your brand’s reputation on Amazon.

Why You Should Automate Your Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging

The biggest advantages as to why you’d want to automate your Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging are: timing, relevance, and occasion. Here’s what I mean.

Timing is everything

If you attend any marketing 101 college course, you’ll hear about the three Rs: the right message, at the right time, to the right audience. This rings true for the messages you send to Amazon buyers. Not all sellers are equal. Everyone sells different types of products for different types of uses, which means not everyone is selling to the same kind of buyer. Essentially, one message does not work for everyone. The same is true with the timing of your message.

For Buyer-Seller Messaging to be its most effective, the email needs to reach the buyer at the right time. For example, if the product they’ve purchased requires assembly, they’ll need additional instructions sent to them in order to get the most out of their product. In this example, you’d want your message to be sent once the package has been marked as delivered. This is something you wouldn’t be able to do effectively without automation.

Relevance is key for effectiveness

Your Buyer-Seller messages will be much more effective when they’re relevant to the buyer’s shopping experience. The message you send needs to have a purpose that ties into the buyer’s journey. This means that you shouldn’t ask them for something you want but rather make it about the buyer.

If the goal of your message is to get a seller feedback rating, explain to the buyer how seller feedback helps them as a shopper. You could say something like, “Your opinion about your shopping experience helps shoppers just like you get the best products for the best possible price. Please share your opinion to improve the shopping experience of others.”

By making your message relevant to the buyer’s experience, you’ll increase the possibility of the buyer taking the action you want.

A sense of occasion

However effective an email might be on one occasion, it may not be the right message for another occasion. For example, if you’re messaging a repeat buyer of your product, you wouldn’t send the same introductory message you originally sent. By understanding the sense of occasion for each message you send, you can start to build a brand and reputation with buyers. But this only happens when you create an initial positive buying experience that keeps the shopper coming back. You can accomplish this by automating your Buyer-Seller Messaging.

The Effects of Automating Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging for Sellers

When you automate follow-up emails for every ASIN you sell, you’ll be able to improve the buyer’s experience by proactively opening a line of communication. This is important in case the buyer has an issue so they can contact you and not Amazon support. Doing so could reduce the chance of a customer service escalation.

When you begin messaging your buyers professionally and timely, you’ll be rewarded with repeat customers. The best way to get honest product reviews and seller feedback is to ask repeat buyers to share their opinion and experience with others.

Keeping your emails unique will keep buyers engaged with your brand and your product. Repeat messages with the same content will make your buyers opt out, so be unique, to the point, and be courteous.

Automate Your Amazon Buyer-Seller Messages with Feedback Genius

By now you should understand the power of automating your Buyer-Seller messages. And if you think about messaging as a way to build your brand in addition to getting Amazon feedback and reviews, Feedback Genius can automate your Buyer-Seller emails to showcase your brand and build your reputation.

Feedback Genius has different templates available to make your messages relevant for every occasion. Then you can start to test each message to see how they perform against one another.

You can send automated emails based on 10 different message filters. Whether that be for a delivery notification or a product review request a month after delivery, you can confidently send messages when they’re the most timely and relevant.

Send the right message at the right time to everyone who purchases from you on Amazon. Automating your Buyer-Seller Messaging is the easiest way to build a distinctive reputation on the Amazon Marketplace.

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