Feedback Genius - Three Ways to Create a New Message

Create effective Amazon seller feedback or product review messages with ease using Feedback Genius. In this post, we’ll cover three different ways to create a message. Whether you’re starting from scratch, using an existing message or modifying a template, you’ll have the resources you need to create quality emails.

Getting Started

From the “Messages” tab in the Feedback Genius dashboard home screen, click on the orange add button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Once the orange button is clicked, this window will pop up with three message options.

Use a Template

By selecting the Use a Template option you will be able to select any of our pre-fabricated templates for a quick start. You can sort through templates by the Order Event you want to target and by the goal of the message. Once a template is selected, you can preview the message to view its content. If you choose to continue with the template, click Continue and you will be able to edit the message to your needs, or leave the template as is.

Copy an Existing Message

By selecting the Copy an Existing Message option, you will be able to copy any of your other messages that you already created. Doing so copies all of the message’s content and pre-configured filters. From here you can customize the message further.

Start from Scratch

Finally, by selecting the Start from Scratch option, you will be taken to a window with a blank message. From here, you can create content to your liking.

More to Come

Look for more templates to this wizard in the near future! Let us know if you have templates that are working well for you to share with the Feedback Genius community.

As with all Feedback Genius features, please contact our customer support team at if you have additional questions or concerns. Thank you!

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