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2019 Holiday Templates Available Now In Feedback Genius

Lauren Ward
Lauren Ward Author

Holiday templates add a little extra seasonal spice to your Feedback Genius automated Buyer-Seller emails.
Here we are again at the precipice of another crazy holiday shopping season. You’ve been preparing for Q4 all year and it’s finally time to reap the rewards of your labor. You’ve done everything right this year. Your listings are optimized for maximum discoverability. Your Amazon Advertising campaigns are ready to roll with effective keywords and ample ad spend. Now you’re just waiting for the sales to start picking up.

You’ve done everything to get noticed by shoppers. But there’s still more you can do to create a great buying experience. And that comes from the follow-up emails you send to buyers. Since this is a special time of year, your buyers deserve something more than the usual follow-up message.

That’s why we’ve created and added the seasonal holiday templates to Feedback Genius.

Why use seasonal email templates?

Amazon Seller Feedback Holiday Templates - Seller Labs

Attention to detail will set you apart from other sellers. Sure, other Feedback Genius users will use these templates but they weren’t made to be turnkey. They are templates, which means they are a guide to help you create the right message for your brand. Plus, we’ve already done the hard work for you by crafting an effective email message that you can build upon.

Q4 is a special time of year. I know you’re tired. You’re stressed. And you’re busy. But you still have another six weeks of work left before the end of the year. Black Friday is only the beginning. Your sales will inevitably pick up momentum leading up to the final days before Christmas. This means you’ll have more opportunities to ask for seller feedback and product reviews than any other time of the year.

Taking advantage of this influx in orders will catapult your products and brand into 2020.

Where are the holiday email templates?

Since 2015, we’ve added special holiday-themed templates that every Feedback Genius user can leverage to make their emails stand out. This year is no different. We’ve added four new templates to the inventory: two are for product reviews and two are for seller feedback.


Access these templates by logging in to Feedback Genius, click Messages in the top menu, click the + New Message button, then click View Library of Templates, now you’ll see the four templates on the top row with “[Holiday]” in the title.

How to ask for feedback and reviews

Effectively requesting Seller Feedback and product reviews during the holiday season can be especially treacherous. The simple truth is that even though you are doing more sales during the holiday season, it doesn’t mean you will have the same percentage of customers leaving feedback or reviews. That being said, the same tenets that are true the rest of the year remain true during Q4. Customer service should always be your first priority. From there, there are a few nuances you can edit to help improve your chances of success in Q4.


  1. Remind customers that better seller feedback rates improve the quickness and accuracy of the transaction.
  2. If you normally provide information about the product, ask them to pass the information on.


  1. Account for the fact that some customers will not be comfortable leaving reviews or feedback for products that they’re buying as a gift.
  2. Excite them and make them feel good about the purchase.
  3. Request that they help others make the same great decision.

When to ask

Your top priority when asking customers for feedback and product reviews should be to ask when they are most happy. For seller feedback, you should ask immediately after “Out for Delivery” or “Delivered.” This is because the customer will usually not be any more happy with your service than when they immediately receive their order. Product review requests necessitate a little bit more critical thinking as to when the customer will see the full effects.

For items like toys, you will want to ask quickly after delivery. Alternatively, for items like supplements, customers will not be able to see the full effects after 2-3 days, so asking a week or two after delivery might be more appropriate. Additionally, if your product is likely to be given as a gift, it might be advisable to wait until after Christmas to ask. Here are a couple of sample email sequences to experiment with this holiday season.

Proactively prevent negative feedback

Preventing negative feedback and reviews is just as important as getting positive feedback. The most prudent thing is to provide an avenue for the customer to express themselves, followed by quickly solving their problem. Additionally, Feedback Genius provides you tools to help you stay ahead of the curve like the Email Blacklist, which ensures buyers will receive no further communication from Feedback Genius.

Preparing yourself and your account

More traffic and more sales also mean more work, more returns, and more customer service. Make sure you and your account are appropriately prepared for the increased traffic by tuning your account. Ensuring you have the right plan and extra message bundle selected can help give you peace of mind that messages will be going out throughout the holiday season.

You can estimate the number of messages needed by multiplying estimated sales by the number of messages you send per order. This is sometimes hard to predict during Q4 so it’s always a good idea to have an extra message package selected, this way you’ll continue sending messages even if you run out of messages on your monthly plan.

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