When is the Best Time to Run My Amazon Ads? Use Ad Scheduling to Maximize Budget & Profitability

Amazon Ad Scheduling enables sellers to run advertising campaigns when they have the greatest chance of being profitable. Ignite will display Amazon ads on a weekly schedule, which maximized budget and increases conversions. 

Timing is everything. Even though I’m not a believer in serendipity, I do believe in being prepared for an opportunity. Unlike 10 years ago when I purchased the iPhone 3GS instead of buying Amazon stock. Unfortunately, I wasn’t prepared or knowledgeable about that kind of opportunity and missed out on thousands of dollars of profit. But missing an opportunity doesn’t mean you should give up. When it comes to selling on Amazon, there is opportunity everywhere—especially with advertising.

I want to help you discover and take advantage of opportunity with an easy-to-implement tactic using Ignite, our Amazon advertising software. Let’s get started.

Use Ad Scheduling to Discover the Best Time to Run a Campaign

People buy certain products at different times of the year, month, week and day. The most obvious examples are winter and summer clothes. The demand for a down coat in July is low as well as flip flops in January. Most sellers know when their products are more in demand during particular times of the year. But do they know when their products are in demand on a given week, day or hour? This is where testing the effectiveness of ad timing comes into play.

Ad Scheduling Test Setup

Using Ad Scheduling in Ignite, you will need to create 12 identical manual campaigns that run in two-hour segments throughout the day using the same keywords, product ads and bids. Don’t worry, you can make quick work of creating your campaigns by making 11 duplicates of your original campaign using the Copy Campaign feature in Ignite.

After running these 12 campaigns for at least a week, you should have enough data to analyze, which will help to determine if certain times or days yield a better ROI. Your data will show you when people are looking, clicking and buying through impressions, clicks and conversions. The most obvious indicators being high click-through rates, lower ACoS percentages and conversions.

Test Results

#Campaign TimeTarget ACoSDaily BudgetImpr.ClickCTRCostCPCConv.RevenueConv. RateACoS

From our test data, we were able to conclude that saving the bulk of our budget for ads to run between 4:00 a.m. to 10 p.m. is the best use of our money. And if we wanted to get even more tactical, we could schedule a campaign to run 8-10 a.m., 2-4 p.m. and 6-10 p.m., when revenue and impressions were the highest.

Again, these figures are averages from running the campaigns seven days a week. You can always dig deeper to see which days yield the best results for advertising and then combine that information with the timing of your ads.

Maximize Budget with Ad Scheduling

Now that you know when the best times are to run your ad campaigns, you can use Ad Scheduling to display your ads when they have the greatest chance of converting. Doing so will pause your campaigns when shoppers are less likely to purchase thus reducing ad spend. All of this means that you can double down on your budget during the times when people are most likely to purchase. If you execute your strategy effectively then you’ll be able to get better placements compared to your competition.

Learn how to set up Ad Scheduling in Ignite.


You’re now prepared and knowledgeable about testing, setting up and running timed Amazon advertising campaigns with Ad Scheduling in Ignite. Unlike me with my poor investment in the iPhone versus buying Amazon stock in 2009, you’re informed and empowered to make the smart investment.

It’s time for you to take the next step with your advertising campaigns. Log in to Ignite now to get started with Ad Scheduling. And if you’re not an Ignite customer then start your free 30-day trial today.

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