New Seller Labs Pro Features You May Have Missed

We’ve been rolling out a ton of new features to Seller Labs Pro that it can be hard to keep track. No matter the size of your business, these features are instrumental in helping you be successful and grow your business on Amazon. 

Brand New Dashboards

We are so pleased to have rolled out our new dashboard look! We listened to your feedback and spent hours getting lost inside Seller Central (it’s so easy, isn’t it?) in order to compile the most important data you need for your business at a single glance.

The dashboards have been implemented on your Seller Labs Pro home screen as well as within your Advertising console. Now, it’s easier than ever to see suggestions, recommendations, and improvements you can make to your account overall. 

Advertising Strategies

Yes, Seller Labs Pro can build the strategy behind your advertising campaigns now! In just a few simple steps, our system will create a strategy unique to your products, goals, and budget. Our system will create a few different campaigns designed to help you reach the goal you set forth for the strategy. We’ll automatically handle bid adjustments, moving keywords, and more!

For more on Advertising Strategies, check out our Knowledge Base article.


Our Notifications have become incredibly robust since we announced it earlier this spring.You can now receive notifications for everything from unprofitable products to Buyer-Seller Messaging violations to advertising campaigns running out of budget. They can also be delivered to your email or directly to your phone through text notifications. Even when you’re on the go, you can still stay on top of your brand.

Request a Review Automation

In case you missed it, we recently announced the new Request a Review Automation feature available within all Seller Labs Pro and Seller Labs Basic plans (More on Seller Labs Basic below). This allows subscribers the ability to send Amazon’s approved requests for buyers to write a review or seller feedback. This new feature should not be used in conjunction with personalized messages (Powered by Feedback Genius), so you’ll need to think about what will work best for your brand. 

Read more about Request a Review Automation.

Product Catalog & Detail Pages

For our Seller Labs Pro subscribers, you now have access to a detailed financial and traffic report for the ASINs in your catalog. From your dashboard, navigate to your left-side menu and select “Products.”

We’ve created a few default views such as Financials, Traffic, and Inventory. You also have the ability to create a custom view based on specific data points you are most interested in. Log into your account in the morning and easily see items that need your attention.

For example, you may want to create a “Returns View,” selecting “Returns,” “Revenue,” “Units Returned,” and “Units Sold.” With these, you can see the breakdown of product returns compared to your overall sales. If you see the proportion growing, it may be time to edit the product or the listing.

You also now have the ability to dial into each and every product in your catalog to look at a variety of metrics. See how your advertising campaigns are performing for a product, if you need to restock, or even your overall sales volume by revenue and units sold.

Smart Filters

This is one of the most exciting new updates within our Advertising Center Powered by Ignite. Smart Filters are available on any Keywords or Search Terms page within the tool. These filters will show you ads that have low conversion rates, ads that are costing you money unnecessarily, and even those that are performing well. 

Dialing down your advertising campaigns with these Smart Filters will help you save money in the long run. They’re designed to help you focus on the ads that are performing best for you.

Campaign Serving Status

Serving Status is in conjunction with your Active, Paused, or Archived status of a campaign. This new column within your Advertising Center Campaigns view helps you see if your advertising campaigns are actually running. There’s a large difference in an “Active” campaign if it has “Run Out Of Budget.” 

New Plans

With all of these new features, we’ve also created new subscription options for our community. You can now save 20% on your subscription by utilizing our Annual Plans. You can lock in one price for the next twelve months, even if your account grows beyond the plan’s limits. If you stick with a monthly plan, you would get bumped up to the next plan automatically.

Additionally, we’ve added Seller Labs Basic. For just $19 per month, you can access the Request a Review Automation mentioned above, what was formerly known as Scope Free, as well as our dashboard with high-level analytics for your account. 

We’re continuing to roll out more and more new features to Seller Labs Pro. Start your free 30-day trial today!

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