Amazon Sellers Love Feedback Genius

Feedback Genius has helped grow my reviews from single digits to over 8,000 in feedback.

-Julie B.

“I don’t want to send the same email to every customer–Feedback Genius allows me to identify the product and send a specific email.”

-Kevin V.

“Feedback Genius has been amazing for me! I went from 184 feedbacks on Amazon and within four months I have more than 600.”

-Chris C.

More Amazon sellers trust Feedback Genius
to send their Buyer-Seller Messages than any other service.

Engage Buyers

Engage buyers with automated email messages to share product information or to solicit a product review.

Build Your Reputation

Build your reputation by receiving feedback and review notifications to assist unhappy buyers.

Improve Your Brand

Improve your brand with proven email templates that get your message across and display your brand to buyers.

Know What's Working

Know what’s working thanks to detailed email analytics and A/B testing that show how effective your messages are.

Be Available to Buyers

Be available to buyers in 9 Amazon marketplaces: USA, Mexico, Canada, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, France and India.

Increase Email Open Rates

Increase email open rate by delivering your emails when they’re most relevant: send emails with 8 different order events.

Connect with the Right Buyers

Connect with the right buyers using your blacklist. Avoid bouncing emails to people who have unsubscribed.

Stay Organized

Stay organized with advanced message filters for your various ASINs, SKUs, marketplaces and customer service responses.

High-Volume Support

High-volume support for large sellers. Be confident that your emails are sending when you decide.

Win the Buy Box more, build your reputation,
and discover your product's optimal market fit.