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We are looking for beta testers for our new Google Sheets extension that easily connects to our powerful data insights platform — Seller Labs Data Warehouse!

That’s right! Data Warehouse is a simple application that allows you to view and customize your Amazon Data in a Google Sheet right from within Seller Labs PRO. As we’re developing this new feature, we are looking for feedback! This feature is included in your Seller Labs PRO subscription, so there’s no additional cost.

If you’re interested, please fill out the form on this page! Our team will be in touch if you’re selected for this initial beta. If you aren’t selected yet, you will be on the waitlist to know as we release more spots for this functionality!

Thanks for being a part of this! Here’s to your brand growth!

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    Effective Jan 17, Amazon announced their first FEE increases for 2023 and it is basically everything. Full details here. All exact % changes are noted as well.

    In-depth video and blog post to follow. Subscribe to fee change updates here.


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