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Apr 03

The New Global Blacklist Feature in Feedback Genius Avoids Sending Emails to Opted Out Amazon Shoppers

By Cory Checketts | Amazon , Feedback Genius

Amazon’s recent update to the Buyer-Seller Messaging system allowing shoppers to opt out of unsolicited emails from third-party merchants has left many merchants scrambling for solutions.  Global Blacklisting Luckily, the Feedback Genius development team has created a viable solution. Feedback Genius’s new Global Blacklist feature prevents merchants from sending messages to shoppers who end up […]

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Aug 22

Learn How James Gao Launches Products on Amazon with Feedback Genius and Snagshout

By Cory Checketts | Amazon , Feedback Genius , SnagShout

Learn how Amazon Seller, James Gao, uses Feedback Genius and Snagshout to launch products and grow his product reviews. Snagshout has been a game-changer for James’s business because he can liquidate stagnant products in a hurry and get product reviews at the same time—a win-win scenario. Questions asked: 1) Which products from Seller Labs are […]

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