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Seller Feedback vs. Product Reviews: What's the Difference?

Understanding the nuances of Amazon seller feedback vs. Amazon product reviews will help you set realistic (and ambitious) goals, meet them, and build a trustworthy […]

Is Retail Arbitrage on Amazon Dead?

Retail arbitrage has been a successful Amazon business strategy for years. It’s not uncommon to hear about someone earning a ridiculous return on investment in […]

Changes to Amazon Messaging Policy for Buyers & Sellers

With every rule change from Amazon, sellers struggle to understand and comply with the new information. What’s okay to do? What’s not okay? What could […]

9 Places to Find High Value Amazon Keywords

Finding Amazon keywords successfully and advantageously means having a handle on the search terms that buyers use to find products. Where can you find and […]

[UPDATED] Understanding Amazon Black-Hat Tactics & Protecting Against Them: Your Terminology Guide

The Amazon ecosystem is rich with opportunity, but it’s also highly competitive, which inspires unethical schemes that seem to appear with dizzying speed. The amount […]

4 Tips to Optimize Your Amazon Product Listings

It’s no secret that you need compelling Amazon product listings if you want to turn shoppers into buyers. To do this, you must commit to […]

Getting Amazon Seller Feedback Has Never Been More Difficult ... Or More Important. Feedback Genius Can Help.

If you’ve heard that getting Amazon seller feedback and product reviews is virtually impossible given that Amazon has banned incentivized reviews and offered customers the […]

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Amazon PPC Strategy: Top 3 Amazon Tactics to Increase Traffic, Get Noticed, and Reduce Wasted Ad Spend

Learn these three Amazon PPC management tactics will help you increase traffic to your products all while reducing ad spend.

External Traffic Options for Amazon Sellers in 2020

There are myriad strategies for digital advertising: Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Reddit Ads, Manychat, email list building, and more. Even basic understanding of them all […]

6 Tips for Using Amazon Product Advertising for Profitable Product Launches

One question that online sellers consistently ask us is “How can I use Amazon product advertising to improve product launches?” These same sellers tell us […]

The 4 Cornerstones of How to Effectively Advertise with Amazon

How should you focus Amazon Advertising efforts? Build on these 4 PPC cornerstones: Campaign Quality, Keyword Quality, Budget Efficiency, Brand Awareness. From there, it’s a […]


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