Amazon Customer Dissatisfaction Metric Update

Amazon will introduce a metric update sometime in February and you need to know exactly how you will be measured as a seller. Since this update could potentially put accounts at risk of suspension, it is important for sellers to understand what will change and what resources are available to prevent lower feedback ratings and eventual suspension.

What Is The Customer Dissatisfaction Metric?

The short explanation is Amazon will be assigning values to your responses in buyer-seller messaging with customers and measuring the customer’s satisfaction. This means every time you respond to a customer Amazon will ask them “Did this solve your problem?” and the buyer will respond with “Yes” or “No.” If they choose “No” more than 25% of the time your account could become in danger of getting suspended. For a full explanation from Amazon of the metric update click here.

What Does This Mean For You?

With this update your account has a new way to be measured, scrutinized and possibly suspended. It seems Amazon is making customer service an even bigger priority and it wants  top sellers to move in that direction, too. Amazon is putting more and more pressure on its sellers to have a high level of customer support and service.

What Can You Do About It?

Fortunately you have two great resources at your disposal to keep your account’s numbers happy and healthy.

Feedback Genius: By using Feedback Genius you can stay on top of every customer interaction. Here are a few of Feedback Genius’ features you could use.

  • There are tons of templates for you to look through and use to help you know what to say.
  • Feedback Genius is also 100% Amazon compliant. You can talk to your buyers confidentially knowing you’re following Amazon’s Terms of Service.
  • Feedback Genius also boasts a competent customer service team that is geared to help you solve your biggest problems.
  • Negative feedback notifications so anytime you receive a neutral or negative seller feedback, Feedback Genius can notify you.
  • “From the buyer” notifications to respond to your buyer when a neutral or negative seller feedback is left. This helps to reduce the amount of time a customer waits for a response, as well as time spent working on customer service issues.
  • Proactive messaging at the right times – Feedback Genius allows you to select the best times to send a message. Sending a message at the right time may prevent a potential negative feedback, as you’re asking for their experience and allowing the buyer to respond to your message directly if they have an issue.
  • Email Blacklist – adding a buyer to the blacklist will prevent any further messages from being sent to the buyer. If you’ve already started communicating with them, you most likely won’t want to continue sending automated emails.
  • See more features here


“The ability to add complainers to the blacklist and keep them from getting your emails in the future is priceless,” says Cynthia Stine, president of Online Sales Step by Step LLC.  “It is just one more way that Feedback Genius acts as a strategic tool for our clients.  We like how it increases positive feedback, but recommend it because it helps our clients reduce returns and better manage relationships with their customers.”

Online Sales Step by Step: If your customer service dissatisfaction rate does get into the danger zone—meaning 25% or more of your feedback is neutral or negative—and you feel like your account could be suspended then Cynthia Stine and her team can help you prevent and fix your problems before Amazon suspends you. Stine is the author Suspension Prevention and has more than 25 years of business, marketing and turnaround experience. Her team consists of Amazon sellers and business consultants who understand how sellers get into trouble with Amazon – and how they get out. If your account is suspended or in danger of being suspended, or if you just want to clean up your account preventively, there is no better team to turn to for reinstatement than Online Sales Step by Step. See how Cynthia can help you out.

Moving Forward

With Amazon’s ever growing expectations of sellers’ customer service you need to do all you can to defend your account. Keeping open communication and having helpful insights will be imperative  to your success selling on Amazon in the future. Using Feedback Genius and Cynthia Stine will help give your business the edge to stay compliant with Amazon’s seller feedback requirements.

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