The Easiest Way to Monitor Amazon Product Reviews [Infographics]

It is a known fact that reviews help any business on Amazon build its seller and product reputations. Hence, many sellers place customer feedback generation at the heart of their businesses. But until you can find a way to analyze all that feedback you collect and turn it into better service, you’ll never succeed. 

Below you’ll find some up-to-date information on how to monitor reviews on Amazon the correct way.

First things first: Is feedback the same as review on Amazon? Read on.

Product Reviews vs Seller Feedback. What’s the Difference?

Amazon Seller Feedback Amazon Seller Feedback
Amazon Product Reviews Amazon Product Reviews

Both have one primary goal: the improvement and the development of your Amazon seller profile. And it takes both to build an Amazon business. 

In reality, Seller feedback has to do with a buyer’s experience of the seller; whereas Product reviews, on the other hand, tend to do with things like the accuracy of the received product based on how it was described in the listing, the quality or usability of the product, and if/what can be found on the product detail page.

Note: Don’t expect to get seller feedback or product reviews without asking. 

The Easiest Way to Monitor Amazon Product Reviews

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