Amazon Advertising Consolidation ICYMI Special Edition

ICYMI Special Edition: Amazon Advertising Consolidation

This Week’s Big Story: Amazon Advertising Consolidation

On September 5, 2018, Amazon informed sellers and brand owners of a big development, namely the creation (or repackaging and rebranding) of Amazon Advertising, “a consolidated home for all Amazon advertising solutions, accessible at” Amazon stressed that “No action is required on your part, and your active campaigns will not be impacted,” and it encouraged recipients of the email to learn more at the Amazon Advertising Blog.

ICYMI Article Round-Up for Multiple Perspectives on the Move Toward Amazon Advertising Consolidation:

In all truth, the Amazon Advertising consolidation is so much more than a rebranding or a relaunch or a domain adjustment or a program umbrella. It’s an emphatic statement of intent from a company that has made consolidation one of its hallmarks. Seller Labs editors have long been tracking this and written about Amazon Advertising and how changes to it affect all sellers, brands, and shoppers (and, in all likelihood, search results and the way that we interact with the Web—yes, the possibilities are that game changing and paradigm shifting).

For right now, while we all see how the changes of September 5 shake down and play out in practice, you might want to read “Yes, Extend to the Amazon Ad Network—What It Means for Sellers,” an article I wrote nearly one year ago speculating on how Amazon Advertising might expand.

As always, we’ll keep you posted as Amazon provides updates to processes and policies. And of course, we’ll make sure that our Ignite Amazon Advertising solutions are entirely capable and compliant.

. . . But that wasn’t all of the Amazon Advertising news breaking this week. There was also fodder for our usual section “Amazon’s Growth as an Advertising Force.”

. . . And even enough particular news for a special subsection within that: The Amazon-Roku-TV-Video Advertising Connection.

This makes the second week in a row where our regularly scheduled In Case You Missed It Amazon News Round-Up has been superseded by a big story or two. There’s plenty of other interesting Amazon news tidbits in the mix, and hopefully we’ll enjoy a relatively quiet week ahead wherein I can reboot the Amazon news machine and bring you information on the full gamut of Amazon-related stories . . . but maybe don’t hold your breath given that Amazon is easily the biggest disrupter of our time and anything goes when it comes to a company run by a man committed to reinventing commerce and technology while also privately funding space travel.

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