ICYMI: Seller Labs - Amazon Cyber Monday / Black Friday Roundup

ICYMI: Amazon News + Black Friday/Cyber Monday Roundup

Our Amazon news last week was all about the holidays, and some initial Black Friday reportings. Turns out, Cyber Monday was Amazon’s largest shopping day in its 24-year history. Combined with the rest of Amazon’s “Turkey 5” (the days from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday), this has turned into Amazon’s busiest and most profitable holiday kick off ever. They continue increasing in sales during this time, which is beneficial to sellers!

We may be beyond the “Turkey 5” but there are still 25 days until Christmas, which means that you can still optimize your business for sales this holiday. Catch up on our Q4 webinars, and keep an eye on our blog for tons of education on everything from ensuring profitability to remaining TOS compliant.

Now, for the latest Amazon news:

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the Holidays

Amazon Private Label and “Our Brands”

Privacy and Security

Amazon Advertising

Taxes, Tariffs, and Trade

Amazon International

Opinions About Amazon

As clearly the holidays are here, we invite you to join us as we work hard to make sure that no child goes without a holiday gift this year. Find out about our annual Seller Labs Cares Toys for Tots campaign and how you can get involved (we’ll even help you with your tax deduction when you donate!) In charitable Amazon news, they’ve made it easy for everyone to donate to Toys for Tots with the help of Alexa. Help us make a difference for those in need this holiday.

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