ICYMI Amazon News Before Cyber Monday

ICYMI: Amazon News for the Week+ Just Before Cyber Monday

Apologies for not posting on Friday. In addition to last week being Thanksgiving and an altered schedule, I wanted to wait a few days to pull in some initial Black Friday assessments for you as well as the usual Amazon news. But before we get there . . . for U.S.-based sellers and celebrators, I hope that your holiday was a good one full of family and food and gratitude. For ALL sellers, U.S. based and globally headquartered, please know that we are grateful to and for you being members of the Seller Labs community. We hope that this unique sales window is productive and profitable and that such continues throughout the rest of the holiday season.

And to help you ensure that, check out our timely Amazon Advertising Replay: Last-Minute Prep for Black Friday and Cyber Monday (Plus, How to Follow Up on the Sales Bonanza). Everything that Jeff, PPC Ed, and Jeremy talk about in there is very much relevant to this ENTIRE holiday season and it is by no means too late to put their advice and tips and best practices to work for you!

Now to the Amazon news . . . 

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the Holidays

No Such Thing As Too Big to Fail. Even Amazon?

Amazon Private Label

Amazon and Apple: Best of Frenemies

Amazon Reviews Manipulation

Privacy and Security

Workers and Warehouses

HQ2 and HQ3 (And the Backlash . . . and the Backlash to the Backlash)

Amazon Advertising

Opinions About Amazon

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