Advertising For Prime Day 2018

Ignite Webinar Recap: Advertising for Prime Day 2018

Below is a recap of the Seller Labs’ Ignite: Beyond the Basics webinar presented by Edward “PPC Ed” Ruffin on June 26, 2018.

  • If you’re an Ignite user and you missed the webinar, you can catch it here.
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And Now to the Recap of “Ignite: Beyond the Basics: Advertising for Prime Day 2018”

Prime Day is fast approaching (rumored to start July 16th), so we’re here to help you through Amazon Advertising. Prime Day yields thousands upon thousands of extra shoppers on The better thing? These customers are all looking to buy! Deals or not, shoppers are intrigued by things they may not need all over the site. Are you and your Amazon Ads ready? Here’s what you need to do to get where you need to be for Prime Day 2018:

Start Now

Turning an ad or two on when Prime Day starts isn’t how you’re going to gain an advantage over your competition. Just like a science experiment, you need a control to see the success that Prime Day brings. We’d recommend starting your advertising campaigns at least two weeks in advance (that means now!). From here, you’ll have a better idea of what is more successful for you so that you’re not wasting valuable money guessing on Prime Day.

Keep Budget in Mind

For Prime Day, we recommend increasing your budget by about 50% at least! If you’re able to double or triple the budget, even better. Like any other day, merchants with higher budgets will be able to outlast their competition. Don’t get caught behind with a less than sufficient budget.

Do Your Research

Like starting your ads a few weeks in advance, know your profitable campaigns and keywords. Your budget will be better spent on a few knockout campaigns than spread across a ton of less than profitable campaigns. It may even be in your best interests to pause some campaigns and take the budget from there to boost your more successful campaigns or add some extra money to your bids on high-performing keywords.

Be Competitive

You’re competing with thousands of merchants for the attention of Prime Day shoppers. Know who your competition is going in to the event. If you’ve done your research both on your campaigns as well as your competition, you’ll be set. You also need to be competitive financially. Prime Day is not the best opportunity to cut back on your spending because it’s likely your competition is ramping up theirs.

Be Willing to Spend Money to Make Money

Higher bids and budgets get better ad placement. End of story. Yes, your ads may be showing on page seven or eight, but what are the chances a Prime Day shopper has made it that far? Boost your budget! This goes for more than just the 36 hour window for Prime Day. Both before and after Prime Day, there’s an influx of shoppers to the site, scoping out new things. Remember, more eyes means more clicks which means more potential sales.

Don’t Fear the Bid+

We’ve gone back and forth on the usefulness of Amazon Bid+, but we’re currently embracing it. A little padding and insurance can go a long way, we’ve found. Sure, Bid+ can be a bit intimidating. Do you really want to tell Amazon that they have the ability to increase your bid on particular campaigns by up to 50%? For profitable, well performing campaigns on Prime Day, probably. This will help you stay competitive, and not have to worry as much about your bid not being high enough. We wouldn’t recommend implementing Bid+ on all of your campaigns. If the research has been done and you know where you’re optimized, turn it on for the week of Prime Day.

Prime Day is not the be-all, end-all event for Amazon sellers. It’s just a great bonus holiday in the middle of the summer to boost your sales before Q4. You don’t have to have a deal to be successful, but you’ve got to be advertising!

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