Innovation: A Fundamental Goal of Seller Labs

All companies have goals and core values, at Seller Labs our company is founded upon three pillars: Innovation, Education and Customer Success. These three pillars guide all of our business decisions and directions. Yesterday, the talents of our team were recognized by Atlan10 and its judges as Seller Labs was ranked #1 in the 2015 list for Most Innovative Young Tech Startups in Atlanta, Georgia.

 Judged by some of the smartest innovators in the Atlanta Tech scene, Seller Labs was judge on three dimensions:

  1. The potential in the idea – how innovative, creative is the concept
  2. The potential in the market – how large is the target market
  3. The potential for the startup to execute and be successful

Thank you Atlan10! And thank you to our customers and our amazing team members who arrive to work every day seeking to innovate and build an amazing company. Our business is growing and we are always looking for tenacious team member, see if we have a place for your talents on our team.

Jeff Cohen

Jeff has more than 15 years of e-commerce experience. Currently, he is CMO and Partner at Seller Labs where he works with more than 20,000 Amazon sellers providing software solutions and expert advice. He's also an International speaker and is widely regarded as an industry expert who is asked to share actionable intelligence on how Amazon works and how sellers can improve their business.

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