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Introducing MAX – Protect Your Inventory From An Amazon Promotion Bug

You need to run promotions—especially for the holidays—to win on Amazon. And the last thing you need to worry about is someone buying out all of your inventory at 70% off! We’ve created a free solution available to every Amazon seller that prevents shoppers from doing just that. We call it Maximum Order Quantity—or MAX for short—and it allows you to limit quantities on every SKU you sell.

But Why?

We recently noticed Amazon made a small update to how sellers can create promotions. What we noticed was sellers can only sell discounted items at a percentage off now, instead of discounting a dollar amount, like before. Amazon’s documentation about how to create a promotion hasn’t been updated to match what’s in the interface, which leads us to believe this is an unrecognized glitch.

Introducing Maximum Order Quantity – MAX

Maximum Order Quantity is self-explanatory. It allows you to set a maximum order quantity at the listing level—not the promotion level—to protect you against shoppers who would use your promo code to purchase large quantities of your discounted product. Understand, though, that this will limit sellers who are not using a coupon code to the same limit. You can set your maximum order quantity to a reasonable limit to avoid this problem.
Another advantage to this application is that you can block competitors who would add 999 units to their cart to investigate your inventory levels.

How MAX Works

Go to and select the marketplace you sell in. Enter an ASIN or search through your inventory by keywords in your product’s title (you will need to connect your Amazon MWS to the application for it to work). Change the maximum order quantity on the right and click “Save” at the top. The application will submit the appropriate feeds shortly and give you a status update as soon as the data has been pushed and verified, at no cost to you.

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Brandon Checketts

Brandon is one of the co-founders and main data geek for Seller Labs. He started Seller Labs after finding no other tools that could provide the flexibility needed for his used-book business. He no longer sells online, but now guides Seller Labs as the lead innovator to make sure that our products remain on the cutting edge.

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      1. Also, the Input Box for Maximum Order Quantity is not present on some products/categories, and this tool should work for those, regardless of whether the Seller Central interface has the box for it.

    1. Not necessarily. Some categories, such as footwear, don’t let you edit the quantity, either in the backend, or via a flatfile.

  1. Nice tool, but to me it seems that there is a work around on the customer’s end.

    To clarify, this tool allows you to limit the customer to a certain number of items per order, but it does’t limit the number of orders that a customer can place. Right?

    So if you limit the quantity to 1 per customer, then they just have to place 20 orders if they wanted 20?

    1. That is correct that the customer can create multiple orders for the product (I should have mentioned that with @Amber’s post above).

      That generally still solves the problems though, as the coupon can only be redeemed once per customer, thus limiting the number of discounted products they can buy overall.

      It also prevents competitors from spying on your inventory levels and determining how many units you are selling.

  2. But What does this do for customers who buy hundreds of products at a time? We’ve had customers purchase hundreds of an item not to resell but for giveaways at their work or even benefits.

    1. Setting a Maximum Order Quantity does prevent customers from buying more than the limit. From what we’ve seen, most of our customers are setting a limit of around 10-20 units for most products. If you have particular sku’s where customers legitimately buy hundreds at a time, you may want to set a limit on those to a much higher amount, or avoid setting the limit on them.

      If trying to run discounts on those, you might turn down the Maximum Order Quantity for the duration of your promotion, and then turn it back up again when your coupons are no longer valid. That is not ideal, but seems to be the best course of action as it stands presently.

  3. So you believe they will fix it so that you can offer a dollar amount off again? If not, they really screwed up their coupon options and I believe it will come back to bite them in the ass. There must be thousands of sellers who legitimately use the dollar amount off coupon in the way it’s intended.

    1. We are not sure if that was an intentional change by Amazon or not. Feelings seem to be mixed about it from what I have been hearing

  4. What about if I have variations on the page (apparel- size/color. Many variations per parent)? My coupon code must work for every variation on the page. Even if I set my max qty at 1, couldn’t someone add 1 of each size and each color all at a discount?

  5. How exactly does that work? Does it work even if I cannot change the maximum order quantity by myself anywhere in Seller Central? How much does it cost if it’s the only tool from SellerLabs I want to use?

  6. Doesn’t look like the application is working, have signed up, connected to account and am stuck on the “select a marketplace to continue”. Also looks like the SSL for the site has expired?

  7. Hi. Great product but the EU markets not working. When I select any market in Europe, I only get Italy products. US is fine.

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