Learn About Sourcing Private Label Products from China with Peter Zapf

By Cory Checketts | Amazon

Aug 08

Jeff Cohen of Seller Labs caught up with Peter Zapf of Global Sources at the 2016 Prosper Show to discuss how new Amazon sellers can get started private label product sourcing from China.

You can jump to the question(s) that pertain to you most:

  1. 0:40 – As an Amazon seller, why do I want to go to Hong Kong or China for a trade show?
  2. 1:40 – Product quality and cost-cutting, negotiating with suppliers about expectations and requirements.
  3. 3:30 – I’ve never been to China before, how do I decide if I want to go to Hong Kong or Canton?
  4. 4:25 – What is different this year for Westerners looking to travel to China for the first time?
  5. 6:16 – If you’ve never been to China, what are 2-3 fun things you need to see or do?

Learn more about Peter’s company at http://www.globalsources.com/

And don’t miss the Global Sources Summit on Oct. 17 – 19, 2016 at the AsiaWorld Expo in Hong Kong.


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