Not All Amazon Feedback Systems Are Created the Same

Did you know only 70% of Amazon deliveries occur on the estimated delivery date? This figure is especially critical if you are emailing Amazon shoppers based on the order being delivered.

What makes Feedback Genius different

Not all email notification systems are created the same. Most feedback messaging systems automate the sending of emails based off of Amazon’s estimated delivery date. Feedback Genius is different. It goes a step further to confirm delivery with the carrier before sending any emails. Doing so ensures a message is sent after the actual product delivery.

Seller Labs researched 1.8 million orders in December 2015 and another 1.2 million orders in February 2016. We discovered 70% of orders within that time period were delivered on the estimated delivery date; 10-12% were delivered one day early; 10-12% were delivered one date late; the remaining 8-10% were delivered more than one day late.

Why the actual delivery date matters

Sending your email based on actual delivery—not estimated delivery—ensures your customer has the product in hand. This reduces customer service complaints of receiving an email about a product that hasn’t been delivered yet. Timing of your message is critical. The quick and easy solution for other providers is to recommend that your email be sent two days after delivery. We believe that being top of mind is imperative in maximizing your product reviews and seller feedback. And sending an email shortly after the actual delivery is the best way for your product to be top of mind for the shopper.

Actual delivery has been a hallmark feature of Feedback Genius since it was launched in 2013. There was no other way for us to develop our product.

You can try Feedback Genius for 30 days, risk free and credit card free to see just how well the program works for your business.


Jeff Cohen

Jeff has more than 15 years of e-commerce experience. Currently, he is CMO and Partner at Seller Labs where he works with more than 20,000 Amazon sellers providing software solutions and expert advice. He's also an International speaker and is widely regarded as an industry expert who is asked to share actionable intelligence on how Amazon works and how sellers can improve their business.

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