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Amazon Sellers Tools – September 2014 News

In this edition:

Tradeshow Round-up

SCOE – Seattle

Seller Labs was a recent exhibitor at SCOE 14 in Seattle, WA. We had the pleasure of meeting many of our clients at this show and received valuable feedback about Feedback Genius, as well as some new products that we are currently developing. The overall theme of the show seems to be centered around the shift from wholesale sourcing to manufacturing. As competition gets tougher, manufacturing seems to be the way that many sellers are looking to expand their businesses. Seller Labs is working on a new product for small manufactures who sell direct to consumer on Amazon. If you want to stay up on this sign up for our mailing list and be one of the first to hear as this product is released.

We also want to thank FeedVisor, who gave a great presentation on “Winning The Buy Box”; as part of their presentation they spoke about the importance of feedback. Not only positive feedback, but overall feedback count. These are both critical factors for FBA sellers who want to win the buy box. If you haven’t read their book on winning the buybox, take a peek

CES – Dallas – Jim Cockrum’s Silent Team

Seller Labs was a recent sponsor of CES II Dallas. This show was different from many of the tradeshows we have been to, as this show was more about the network, community and ecosystem of Jim Cockrum and his brand. While this strategy isn’t for everyone, it is truly amazing to see how many people he has inspired and helped to start an Amazon business. It is clear that many of the people at this show have benefited from the lessons being taught.

Trying something new, we hosted a customer appreciation breakfast. The twenty people who attended were treated to more than food, since we also outlined some upcoming product updates and then got into a great discussion about what they want to see from our products and our company. The things that we heard from many who attended the event were the growing need for more email templates and a forum for open discussion about the product.

Private User Facebook Group

As a response to the suggestion from our customer breakfast at CES, we are pleased to announce the creation of a private facebook group where members can share questions, concerns, enhancement requests, and vote on our new features. We ask that you please join our group and share your thoughts.


We are always telling you to request feedback from your customers, so now we are asking for feedback on our product. Please take a second and rate our product on Your rating and comments go a long way toward providing social proof to others who are considering using our product.

Feedback Genius Enhancements

We are constantly working to keep our product as cutting edge and industry-leading as possible. Beside a major back-end change, which moved us to the Amazon computing cloud, we have added a few front-end changes that you can take advantage of.

  • Improved Descriptions – Additional descriptions are provided throughout the site explain message filters and help you to use them correctly.
  • Repeat Buyer Filter – When enabled, this allows you to send a different message each time that a customer buys from you.
  • New Variables – used in the message to auto insert text or details, the new variables includeCondition Note and an different link to your Amazon store.
  • Order Date Filter – you can not target orders placed before or after a specific date. This feature is most useful for backorders or migration into our system.

Don’t forget that we want to hear what enhancements you desire. You can tell them to us via our Facebook group or by contacting Customer Service
If you want to see how a feature works or review your account, simply email Customer Service and ask for an account review.

Jeff Cohen

Jeff has more than 15 years of e-commerce experience. Currently, he is CMO and Partner at Seller Labs where he works with more than 20,000 Amazon sellers providing software solutions and expert advice. He's also an International speaker and is widely regarded as an industry expert who is asked to share actionable intelligence on how Amazon works and how sellers can improve their business.

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