Should You Only Respond to Negative Product Reviews and Seller Feedback?

Online sellers should at the very least have a modicum of respect for all reviews and feedback from their customers. We’ve gone over a lot about what to do about the negative reviews and feedback, but we’d also like to show you how it can help your business to respond to both negatives and positives.

If you’ve searched our blog you know we’ve covered negative feedback and product reviews. With articles like: How to Respond to a Negative Amazon Product Review, How to Respond to Negative Amazon Seller Feedback, and How to Use Negative Product Reviews to Improve Your Product. Of course every seller should strive to respond to every negative review and feedback, but if you only respond to the negative, it gives off the vibe that you don’t value the customers who are happy with your product. You should thank customers as often as possible who appreciate your quality work and items.

Responding to every happy customer is (hopefully) a daunting task. As a seller you do have countless other things to do to expand your business. If you find yourself overwhelmed start aiming to respond to a ratio like 90% negative and 60% positive. You can adjust these as necessary to fit your ability to respond to customers.  You should prioritize negative reviews, but also respond to some positive to show that you care about all your customers. Not just the squeaky wheels.

Pros and Cons

Responding to positive product reviews and seller feedback is greatly in favor of the pros.


  1. Shows you are engaged!
  2. Shows you care about both the customer and the product.
  3. Allows you to show other customers that you take pride in your product whether positive or negative.
  4. Gives you an idea how informative your listing is, and whether anything in the product or listing needs to be adjusted.
  5. Shows you care that the customer took time to share their experience to you and the community.


  1. Can be time consuming.

How to Respond to Positive Product Reviews and Seller Feedback

First and foremost be gracious that the customer took time out of their day to compliment your product or service. They gave you the best advertising money cannot buy. A positive customer experience displayed on your account or product does wonders for your credibility as a seller.

These positive responses from customers are fantastic opportunities to build a report with your audience You’ve been cast a line of communication and you should capitalize. So next you could let them know that you strive for every customer experience to be excellent and that if there is anything else you can do for them they need only to ask. Future customers will see this and know that you care about their experience and happiness when buying from you.

Though you cannot respond to every customer interaction, be sure to pick and choose the best possible customer responses that you can build avenues of communication from. This relationship can build your brand faster than any marketing campaign, search rank practices, or search engine optimization ever could. A happy customer base and open communication are great ways to sell yourself as a seller, and more of your product.

If you’d like to read on how to deal with the whole process of negative product reviews and seller feedback please download our PDF guide!

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Nicole Freeman

Nicole is a customer success agent at Seller Labs focused on all things Feedback Genius. Not only does she do live support for customers, but she also hosts the weekly webinars and writes how-to guides for the Seller Labs blog.

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