Amazon Seller Tool – Updated Blacklist Feature on Feedback Genius

What is the feature?

Feedback Genius offers an “Email Blacklist” tool to prevent further messages from sending to a customer. If you want to stop sending messages to a particular customer, you can add their email address or Order ID into the Email Blacklist. This will prevent any more automated emails to be sent to them from Feedback Genius.  

What would I use this feature for?

  • If you are already communicating with a customer and you do not want an automated message being sent to them.
  • The email blacklist can be used as a customer service tool to prevent further messages from sending to that customer.
  • This is especially helpful if you are managing a negative experience, as you may not want to target that customer with a review or feedback request.

How do I access and use it?

You can access this feature by going to your Account Settings, and click on the “Blacklist” option. From this screen, you can input the email address or Order ID you are wanting to blacklist into the appropriate field then click “Add” to include them to the Blacklist.

Additionally, customers can click on “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of any of your Feedback Genius messages and they will automatically be added into the blacklist.

As with all Feedback Genius features, please feel free to contact our customer support team atsupport@sellerlabs.com if you have additional questions or concerns. Thank you!

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Brandon Checketts

Brandon is one of the co-founders and main data geek for Seller Labs. He started Seller Labs after finding no other tools that could provide the flexibility needed for his used-book business. He no longer sells online, but now guides Seller Labs as the lead innovator to make sure that our products remain on the cutting edge.

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