How to Build an Amazon Product Listing That Converts – Facebook Live Recap

We spoke with Dr. Ben, a famous Amazon seller, this week about Amazon’s recent 250 character indexing update and how to build an Amazon product listing that converts. If you can watch the entire replay, great! If not, check out the show notes below to fast forward to a particular location.

Listing Optimization and Recent Changes from Amazon

Posted by Seller Labs on Wednesday, September 6, 2017

8:00 – Trim down backend keywords and stick to what’s relevant.

13:00 – How Dr. Ben builds an Amazon product listing.

  • Start with a keyword deep dive – learn about search volume
  • Mid range keywords for volume and competition
  • Title: start with your brand name
  • Basic product descriptor/primary keyword and proprietary feature
  • Say something to make shoppers aware of what they’re getting (ex. “Two gloves”) – manage customer expectations
  • Follow up with secondary keywords using natural language
  • Add 1-2 feature benefits
  • Double check trademarks!
  • Bullet points: skimmers & detailed readers
  • All caps headlines for bullet points – features vs benefits
  • Additional description for the readers
  • Most important information in top 2-3 bullet points
  • Shed light on a potential issue in advance

26:00 – Add some Spanish keywords to your product listing

  • EBC takes the place of the description, but it still gets indexed

29:00 – 50 characters/bytes per line

30:00 – Add additional keywords to subject matter fields

36:00 – Can I update my listings in bulk form?

  • Flat file uploads

37:00 – How often do you recommend refreshing copy/keywords?

  • Don’t mess with keyword density
  • Once a month/every other month

40:00 – How do you think the changes will impact existing ASINs backend search terms?

  • Will only the first 250bytes be indexed or will any ASINs with > 250bytes backend search terms no longer be indexed?
  • Check your search terms on every listing

45:00 – spelling variations, hypernyms, and misspellings

47:00 – Don’t sweat holiday/seasonal phrases

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