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We’ve Grown the Seller Labs Family, Here’s What You Need to Know!

Brandon Checketts
Brandon Checketts Author

The Seller Labs family is growing — in size, scope (no pun intended), and global coverage! We’re thrilled about the addition and expansion and we hope you’ll be similarly pleased by what it means for you.

Today, we are announcing our acquisition of X-Cart, one of the fastest-growing eCommerce software-and-services providers in the market. We’re excited about the merging of our two amazing teams, but we’re even more thrilled about what this means for you: more profitable options and opportunities! Now, with an expanded team on your side, we can offer more-extensive expertise and support across channels, marketplaces, and regions. 

A Growing Portfolio of eCommerce Solutions

In our more than five years in business (an epoch in tech years), the Seller Labs team has not only seen the diverse needs of sellers and brands, we’ve lived it. We began as Amazon sellers ourselves, creating software to solve problems that we encountered. This has allowed us to share and build community with our customers. We understand your needs and we can meet them because we’re right there with you. Now, with our expanded eCommerce team, we’re well positioned to bring you more offerings and better solutions to grow your business.

The combined company will operate under the Seller Labs name and will remain headquartered in Athens, GA. It will establish a more comprehensive suite of products and services for you. What this means is all of our products and solutions remain available, and we’ll continue to innovate and invest in all of those areas just as we always have. With our larger team of experts, we’ll be more efficient than ever so we can drive innovations and improvements for you more quickly.

I want to be clear that Seller Labs and X-Cart offerings remain as they are today. Nothing is going away, we’re not discontinuing any products or services, and we’re not downsizing our team. Quite the opposite, in fact; we’ll keep growing our offerings and our staff to better serve you. As I said, so much to be excited about!

Global Coverage for the Global Market

We are members of a global economy, and no one knows that better than you as sellers. You have buyers all over the world, and we have customers in every corner of the globe. We’ve always looked beyond the US, which is why our products service international marketplaces.

This new adventure brings even more global coverage and capability to the combined X-Cart and Seller Labs customer base, so expect our products and coverage to improve and expand over time. 

With regard to that expansion, I can’t overemphasize that our focus on empowering and supporting you is more critical than ever. Rest assured that we’re as ever-vigilant about compliance, privacy, and security. No new individuals or entities have access to your data nor will your data be exposed or shared with third parties. As a company that already serves customers globally, we will continue to comply with the strict requirements that are necessary to protect you and your data. 

We’re Committed to You and Your Success in Selling

We’re so excited about this next step and we’re so pleased you’re joining us in all that’s to come. It’s going to be incredible. As we grow upward and outward, you remain our focus and we’re all here to help (now with more resources than ever to invest in your success!) We’ll keep bringing you valuable Amazon content, powerful Amazon business tools, and exceptional customer service to keep you successful and meeting your business goals.

Thank you for being a part of our journey!

Brandon Checketts
Brandon Checketts CEO at Seller Labs

Brandon is one of the co-founders, CEO, and main data geek for Seller Labs. He started Seller Labs after finding no other tools that could provide the flexibility needed for his used-book business. He no longer sells online, but now guides Seller Labs as the lead innovator to make sure that our products remain on the cutting edge.


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