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Amazon Super URLs: The Best Way To Kill Your Reviews [Avoid Using Them]

We get a lot of questions about what Amazon Super URLs are and if they are a manipulation of Amazon’s system.  In this blog post, […]

Why Are ASINs Displayed In Amazon Sponsored Products Search Terms Reports?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get about Amazon Sponsored Products is, “Why are there ASINs in my Amazon Sponsored Products search terms […]

How to Create Your First Amazon Sponsored Products Campaign In Ignite

Creating an Ignite managed campaign only takes a few minutes, plus most of the guesswork is already done for you. Ignite managed campaigns will provide […]

MWS Developer Access Confirmation Explained

Amazon recently updated how it enables sellers to authorize third-party access through MWS. When a seller authorizes a third-party service like Seller Labs to access […]

Amazon Now Allows Shoppers to Opt Out of Unsolicited Emails

Amazon updated its Buyer-Seller Messaging system on March 28, 2017, to allow shoppers to opt-out of unsolicited emails sent from third-party sellers. Up until the […]

Don't Get Busted for Amazon Review Manipulation

Four months have passed since Amazon banned incentivized reviews. Since this game-changing terms of service update, merchants have developed new tactics to generate product reviews […]

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    Amazon Shopper Policy Review Update - Incentivized Product Reviews Banned - Oct. 3, 2016

    Amazon has once again changed its review policies. It is now against its terms of service to provide a free or discounted product in exchange […]

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    How To Ask For Seller Feedback: Choose The Best Template, Phrasing, And Call To Action

    In this post we are going to cover the best practices for “how” to request Seller Feedback. Feedback Genius offers you the tools to improve […]

    How You Can Ask for Amazon Product Reviews

    In the past two Feedback Genius posts we discussed who should be asking for Amazon product reviews and when you need to be asking. This post will discuss how you go about […]

    Amazon Email Sequence: A Guide to Avoid Over Messaging

    I communicate with sellers on a daily basis. I find it deflating when I see poor reviews on an account because a seller is sending […]

    Amazon MWS Permissions Now Present In Seller Central

    Back in March, I wrote up a petition and blog post detailing how complicated it is for a third-party seller on Amazon to determine who […]


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