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Finding Flow: Focusing on the Immediate Amazon Holiday Season and Growing in 2020

Brandon Checketts
Brandon Checketts Author

The year is winding down, which means that Amazon sales are ramping up! As we do every holiday season, we’re adding resources to better support you in your busiest season. But something’s new this year. 

For the first time, we’re looking beyond Amazon. With our acquisition of X-Cart, we’re finally able to help you across many more sales channels, most notably, your own eCommerce site, this holiday season.

Since we made our acquisition announcement, you’ve been very excited and intrigued about what the future holds. You get the Seller Labs future vision and you understand that you’ll now have more eCommerce opportunities than ever before. You’ve also asked great questions and I want to take time now to answer those.

What’s happening to Seller Labs products? Are you still investing in them?

Yes! Seller Labs products are critical to your continued success on Amazon. We’re not shutting anything down, we’re growing! We’re now more equipped to innovate and expand your product selection. If you saw my post about our big dashboard release, you’ll understand how the pieces fit and that the dash was the first of the upcoming big benefits we have planned for you.

What Does X-Cart Do Exactly? 

X-Cart is a powerful, flexible eCommerce tool for growing your business off of Amazon. Since many on the Seller Labs team are sellers ourselves, we’ve already implemented X-Cart, and I can say firsthand what a great solution it is. If you’re interested in selling your products on your own website, you can try X-Cart free for 30 days

Does this mean that Seller Labs will be supporting more marketplaces soon?

Today, there’s still a lot we need to do for our customers in terms of Amazon. It is Amazon after all, and it is the go-to eCommerce site. So that remains our immediate focus. However, with X-Cart now part of our business, we can help you to grow across new channels and marketplaces and even create or grow your own eCommerce sites. In a nutshell, while the Seller Labs products and services remain focused on Amazon today, our expanded Seller Labs team can help you grow your business in more places, including Facebook and Instagram. X-Cart has a sweet solution for social.

Is anything changing with support or my data?

Nope to both! Our support continues to be the best in the business. It’s one of the reasons we’ve built and maintained a strong company for so long. We’re hoping to create a more-global reach with our acquisition, but the Customer Success team members you know and love continue to be a major part of our business and are ready to help you. As well, there are no changes to your data privacy and security. We continue to adhere to the highest levels of compliance and we remain committed to protecting you.

Holiday selling is on! Of all the things Seller Labs does and offers, where’s the biggest business bang for my buck?

True, there’s not much time before Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you’re looking for last-minute things you can do to help your business and your buyer, I recommend these two must-do’s:

  1. Use available data to get your product portfolio lean and your ad campaigns optimized.
  2. Automate buyer-seller messaging and product review solicitations (compliant with Amazon’s rules, of course). Think about how many holiday transactions you’re expecting and shift the mindset from transactions to interactions. This is your biggest chance to get reviews and deliver proactive customer service. 

The easiest way to do both is with Seller Labs Pro. With bold insights on startup; up to two years of performance data; best-in-class tools for reviews, advertising, keywords, and financial analysis, you’ll be more equipped than ever to have the best Q4 yet.

Get started now with Seller Labs Pro, the leading solution for intelligent Amazon growth for all seasons.

Brandon Checketts
Brandon Checketts CEO at Seller Labs

Brandon is one of the co-founders, CEO, and main data geek for Seller Labs. He started Seller Labs after finding no other tools that could provide the flexibility needed for his used-book business. He no longer sells online, but now guides Seller Labs as the lead innovator to make sure that our products remain on the cutting edge.


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