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Powerful New Amazon Analytics Tools to Grow Your Amazon Business

Lauren Ward
Lauren Ward Author

First and foremost, I owe you a giant thank-you because today couldn’t have happened without you. So thank you – from the whole Seller Labs team!

Why are we so grateful? Today we launched the first step toward the Seller Labs vision I talked about in my first blog post. And just as I knew it would be, it was you, our customers, who got us here. Again, thank you.

Our Journey Together

Since I joined Seller Labs, I’ve spent countless hours talking to customers from all walks. I’ve spoken to sellers inside and outside of our customer group, sellers within our employee family, and every kind of seller in between. What I heard overwhelmingly from you was this: Seller Labs tools are so valuable in what I do; but if I want to grow my Amazon business, I need more.

And I heard you. So we put our noses to the grindstone, and today’s launch is a critical first step to getting you “more” of what you need. But it’s not the only step we need to take, and we know that, and we’re not close to being finished with what we have in store for you! And I renew my commitment to communicate with you about every new advance that helps you grow your business.

Today’s Rollout . . .

We decided to start delivering new features to you over the coming months by addressing some major needs you communicated. What could we do quickly and effectively that would really bring Amazon sellers big benefits? We have two developments today that we think answer that question.

You wanted a better, faster, easier way to monitor your business. Say hello to your new Seller Labs dashboard!

Each one of our products provides massive amounts of data, critical to optimizing and improving your business performance. But actionable insights can be tough to identify amidst so much data in our targeted-point solutions. You told us that while our existing analytics and insights are essential to you, you also want your Seller Labs tools to deliver big-picture visibility into your business. Check!

Even better is that the new dashboard is the jumping-off point for including some critical Seller Central account information. Toggling, exporting, copying and pasting, and uploading all suck — and we all know it. So we’re on a mission to save you time and frustration by better integrating some key insights into your marketplace sales, orders, and performance. We’ve done it simply, clearly, and best of all, within our products. We heard you loud and clear, so expect more of that glorious time-saving, sanity-restoring integration to come.

You wanted a more unified experience across your Seller Labs tools. The connection is here!

We’ve streamlined the navigation between your Seller Labs products with this release. It’s not quite as shiny and bold as the dashboard is but it’s just as powerful.

For customers using more than one Seller Labs product, or for those using our entire suite in the form of Seller Labs Pro, your navigation across our Communication Center Powered by Feedback GeniusAdvertising Center Powered by IgnitePerformance and Notification Center Powered by Quantify, and Keyword Center Powered by Scope is elegantly and intuitively connected.

On this new system, you’ll shave time and costs off of running your operation. With the new dashboard, you can quickly navigate to any of your products. And your experience will continue to grow more powerful and cohesive over time. As I said, we’re not even close to being done with the enhancements, optimizations, and new features.

So what’s next? Well, just what you asked for: the “more” that empowers you to better your business performance.

Sellers with whom I spoke were clear that they love the information and tools Seller Labs provides. They described these tools as “indispensable,” “must-have,” and “go-to necessities.” That means that we’re doing our jobs right but that there’s also room for us to grow.

So today I am recommitting to you my promise that Seller Labs will continue to evolve and deliver even more value to you, our customers. Your strategic business growth is our mission. So again, thank you for sharing your Amazon journey with us. We’re excited to see where we can go (and grow) together!

Not using Seller Labs products yet? Or looking to add new capabilities to your Amazon business? We’ve got you covered!

With the release of the new Seller Labs dashboard, now’s the best time to get started or to add new capabilities. With bold insights on startup; up to two years of performance data; best-in-class tools for reviews, advertising, keywords, and analysis; plus the most-helpful customer-success team in the business; you’ll be more equipped than ever to grow your Amazon business.

Get started now with Seller Labs Pro, the leading solution for intelligent Amazon growth.

Lauren Ward
Lauren Ward Product Manager at Seller Labs

Lauren is our tech Product Manager at Seller Labs. Our Chief Problem Solver. In her free time, when she's not taking care of our customers needs, she's enjoying the great outdoors - gardening and gathering fresh eggs from her 7 chickens!


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