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Seller Labs Has a Vision for Amazon Sellers: Now We’re Going to Start Sharing It

Lauren Ward
Lauren Ward Author

If you’re a frequent reader of our blog, you’ve probably noticed a few new faces around here. Cindy, Dan, and Jennifer are all new contributors to Seller Labs’ body of knowledge, and they have something else in common: they’re a part of my stellar product management team.

Like you, I’ve spent a lot of time over the past few months thinking about what lessons I can glean from 2018. Like you, I think about products and how they perform. I also spend a lot of time thinking about you, as customers and potential customers.

This is all part of my job as the VP of Product for Seller Labs. My sole focus is to make sure that the products we develop, maintain, and innovate will address the needs of you and your business. At the core is communication – being willing to listen to you and your needs to drive the future of our products. But one piece we’ve been missing is letting you in on our progress – until now.

As the owner of Seller Labs’ product vision, I am committing my team to tell you more about what we are seeing in the marketplace and where we’re headed. This means you can expect more information straight from us – and also get to know us better along the way – because we are part of your team, and we’re squarely on your side.

To that end, I want to give you a small glimpse into what product management really means. Who are we, and why do you care?

Product Management – What it means at Seller Labs

Product management is an important function within Seller Labs: we deal with the planning and direction of products at all stages of a product lifecycle. We make decisions and design plans to ensure that our products deliver unique benefits and superior value to you.

As strategy leaders, we research market pain points and want to understand your needs, challenges, and opportunities for success. And we can only do that in two ways:

  • By listening to you (thanks to everyone I met with at Prosper!)
  • By being a seller like you (and we are – Seller Labs team members are Amazon sellers who live and breathe the entrepreneur lifestyle too)

As product experts, we know the products through and through – and can spot opportunities to grow features and fix functions that will make a big impact for you.

It’s an important role because by combining the technology with industry knowledge, we’re better equipped to not only listen to you but also drive the changes in our products in a way that drives more value and look beyond feature requests.

And we’ve been working tirelessly (not hard to do when you’re excited) for the past few months. Our team has big, big plans to bring more comprehensive and actionable features to you that will help you understand your business health – and more importantly, what steps you can take to improve that health.

We’ll be sharing those plans with you soon enough, but for now I hope you’ll enjoy the content we’ll be producing for Feedback Genius, Ignite, Scope, and Quantify. Onward!

Lauren Ward
Lauren Ward Product Manager at Seller Labs

Lauren is our tech Product Manager at Seller Labs. Our Chief Problem Solver. In her free time, when she's not taking care of our customers needs, she's enjoying the great outdoors - gardening and gathering fresh eggs from her 7 chickens!


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