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Eric Heller

Chief Knowledge Officer, WPP Center of Excellence for Amazon

Eric Heller has been working online retail since joining in January, 1999. During that time, he has managed critical online marketing programs for, Redfin, Expedia and now leads the largest strategy consultancy for brands and sellers working with online marketplaces like Amazon. The company he founded, Marketplace Ignition, now a core launch component of the WPP Center of Excellence for Amazon, has over 140 years of combined in-house Amazon experience and has helped more than 400 brands manage and maximize their Amazon channel.

Eric Heller

Blog Posts

The Dragon Gets the Flu (Guest Post by Eric Heller)

Up until a little more than a week ago, I was still planning to head to China later this month with a group of 50+ clients and fellow WPP leaders for a tour of some the most innovative brands in Chinese retail/eCommerce. When it was postponed due to disruptions from the Coronavirus, I was certainly disappointed but I also couldn’t stop thinking how this would affect Amazon’s global business. As a close watcher of Amazon’s growth, digital natives brands out of China like Anker and SunValley offer amazing opportunities for us to understand the potential of the platform.

How to Take Advantage of Prime Day When You Don’t Have a Deal

Eric Heller, CEO of Marketplace Ignition joined us for a Facebook Live event to talk about how sellers can take advantage of Amazon’s annual Prime […]

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