[Tip Sheet] 4 Tips for Maximizing Amazon PPC

UPDATE: September 24, 2019: From Amazon: “Enhanced Brand Content is now called A+ Content.”

In today’s ultra-competitive Amazon environment, it’s not enough to just run ads. To win the placements that will get your products in front of the right buyers and convert, you have to create Amazon PPC campaigns that are lean, mean, and sure to get seen.

How can you do it? Well, think like Amazon and smash the status quo!

  1. FIND KEYWORD OPPORTUNITIES THAT AREN’T ALREADY PLAYED OUT IN TERMS OF USAGE AND BID ESCALATION. Where can you find these? In the User Search Term Report (literally a list of words that shoppers are using to find products). You’ll quickly train yourself to recognize opportunities others have missed.
  2. SPEND MONEY TO MAKE MONEY. If a keyword is a true winner, it’s probably worth those extra cents on the bid. Don’t lose it over pennies. Be flexible and give your bids wiggle room by using Amazon’s Bidding Controls. And remember: while you want to keep ACoS manageable, lowest ACoS isn’t always best. Strive for the ROI sweet spot.
  3. USE MORE THAN JUST SPONSORED PRODUCTS ADS. If you’re on Vendor Central, you have access to premium ad tools. If you’re on Seller Central and you own your brand, be sure that your brand is filed and in good standing on Amazon’s Brand Registry. This opens the door to opportunities like Sponsored Brands Ads, Enhanced Brand Content, and Amazon Stores.
  4. GO BEYOND WHAT’S AVAILABLE IN SELLER CENTRAL AND VENDOR CENTRAL. These hubs are essential for inventory management and account health, but they’re difficult to navigate and they offer no competitive edge in terms of advertising tools. If you’re serious about Amazon PPC, try a platform or service that is strictly for Amazon Advertising so you can get all of the advantages available.

Basic doesn’t cut it when it comes to Amazon Advertising. You’ve got to have an edge if your ads are going to get top placements that overtake the competition and really convert. You can find this in intelligent software like the Ignite solution for Amazon Advertising or you can get advertising off your plate entirely and let the experts at Seller Labs Managed Services handle it for you.

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