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How to Increase Sales on Amazon By Up to 50% [Case Study]

Helen Golubeva
Helen Golubeva Author

Kevin Vegors is an entrepreneur from Iowa who recently just sold his online supplement business for a seven-figure amount. After a stint in corporate America, Kevin started a health supplement company and built a successful business by using his prior business skills and help from Seller Labs PRO Communication Center, powered by Feedback Genius.

Kevin’s online selling story is a familiar one: He got tired of making money for other people and wanted to take control of his own life. 

He started out selling a diet pill supplement that someone recommended to him, and after researching where to sell online, he did research on where he should start selling, and found Amazon.

So I’m like, ‘I’m going to send some inventory in [to FBA] and try this. I had no idea what I was doing. And all of a sudden in one day, I sold eight of them.

Once Kevin realized he could sell products through Amazon without having a website, he officially formed his company. With a background in SEO from the corporate world, he began researching how to get his products noticed on Amazon. Kevin tried a few review services that turned out to be more harmful than helpful.

With the system I was using, I was only allowed to send two emails to a customer and it was really clunky.

Using Seller Labs PRO to Build Brand Identity

Kevin Vegors was a new Amazon seller looking to improve the discovery of his health supplements brand. 

He needed something more than detail page optimizations to improve his products’ discoverability. That’s when he discovered that he could automate his buyer-seller emails using software. 

This discovery instantly saved him time because he no longer had to send individual messages manually. But shortly after getting started, he quickly uncovered several shortcomings of the product he was using. He needed to send unique messages to repeat buyers — his current solution wouldn’t let him do that.

He eventually discovered that he could send unique messages to repeat buyers through Seller Labs PRO’ “Repeat Buyers Filter.” After switching to Seller Labs PRO, he was then able to provide value and build a brand identity by sending a unique message to the customer after every purchase.

A New Review Strategy

Kevin discovered Seller Labs PRO Communication Center, and quickly developed a review strategy that allowed him to get verified and positive reviews with a single email.

I liked Seller Labs PRO [formerly Feedback Genius] features; it was intuitive and allowed me to send email attachments and have more overall freedom.

After creating a strategy using Seller Labs PRO, Kevin’s sales increased by 50 percent, with 30 percent of his customers reordering each month. Even more impressive, he launched a new product that went on to be number one in its category within 4 months, and received more than 900 five-star verified reviews. Before selling his company, it was on track to break all of its previous sales records–and all of the growth was with an unchanged product line.

So how was he able to gain so much traction with reviews and grow revenue in such a short amount of time? 

Kevin took an unorthodox approach to soliciting reviews. Instead of asking for a review from a first-time customer, he simply sent them information on the product they purchased, and reserved review solicitation emails for recurring customers only. 

No one is going to order a product twice that sucks. The only people I ask for reviews are those with multiple orders.

While researching competitive message automation services, he discovered there was no other system besides Seller Labs Communication Center that had triggers allowing him to send emails on second, third, fourth and fifth orders.

I look at other systems as a big shotgun and Seller Labs PRO [aka Feedback Genius] is more sniper-like. I don’t want to send the same email to every customer—Seller Labs PRO allows me to identify the product and send a certain email.

The feature Kevin is referring to is the ‘repeat buyers filter’. It is a key feature within Seller Labs PRO Communication Center, powered by Feedback Genius. The filter makes it a serious strategic tool for online merchants who need diverse tactical solutions.

Selling online has afforded Kevin a lifestyle where he can set his own schedule and do the things he really loves. By using automated systems like Seller Labs PRO to help run his business, he can spend more time with his wife and have confidence that his business is being profitable.

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