Grow Amazon Advertising Sales with These New Ignite Features

Nine new features were just released in Ignite—the premier Amazon advertising software solution—to help sellers grow their Amazon advertising sales. 

Advertising on Amazon has become more complex each year. This is due to the increase in available products and the similarity of products. Every seller wants to get their products in front of the right buyers. Advertising has become the de facto method of product discovery on Amazon. If you want to win on Amazon in 2019, you need to boost your Amazon advertising strategy to gain a competitive edge.

We’re excited to announce the release and update of nine features in Ignite. All of these features perform different duties with two goals: earn your more money and save you time.

Learn how all of these features grow your business and save you valuable resources. And if you don’t want to read, watch the new product demo.

Increase Amazon Advertising Profits

New Feature: Campaign Copy

Increase advertising profitability across multiple marketplaces for a given product by copying a profitable campaign within a marketplace. Why is this necessary? We heard from dozens of sellers who were frustrated with the inability to copy their profitable campaigns in Seller Central. Some sellers were spending hours duplicating their efforts. With this feature, sellers will now be able to duplicate a successful campaign (keywords, bids, search terms, etc.) for another product within the same marketplace.

Manage Sponsored Brands Advertising More Effectively

New Feature: Sponsored Brands Advertising Management

Eliminate the need to use multiple programs to manage Amazon advertising campaigns. Get detailed campaign data and automate ads with Ignite.

Sponsored Brands Ads (SBA) sit at the top of search results pages and are displayed for targeted keywords. Previously, the management of these ads could only be done in Seller Central. Now sellers can manage—i.e. create, optimize and archive—these ads inside Ignite just like you would a Sponsored Products Ad. All of which saves you time and earns more money.

Maximize the Profitability of a Campaign

New Feature: Suggestion Automation by Type

Gain massive time savings if you’re a small or large seller with this feature by automating the approval of each suggestion for optimization.

What are suggestions? They are the ability to automate your optimization workflow. We’ve taken industry best practices and have codified them into an artificial intelligence algorithm that analyzes historical campaign performance to offer various types of suggestions.

Each suggestion has a confidence and importance slider according to the target ACoS you set. Within the Suggestions page, you have the ability to filter what you want to be viewed. Click the dropdown arrow on the keyword to see why Ignite is making this suggestion.

Act Faster with Better Keyword Optimizations

Feature: Keyword Optimization Suggestions

Act faster, and by faster, I mean immediately. Receive suggestions for optimizing ad campaigns based on historical data.

In the left navigation of the Automation page, you can automate any campaign. Choose the minimum confidence and importance sliders and click the “Create New” button. With advanced options, you can choose the days of the week you want the automation to run, as well as customizing the auto approve specific types of the suggestions you’d like to automate.

Ignite Automation

Once you’re satisfied with your settings, turn it on and let Ignite do the work. Ignite will work to hit the predetermined target ACoS you set. This will save you hours every month.

Reduce Ad Spend and Work

Feature: Auto-to-Manual Keyword Suggestions

Reduce your monthly ad spend as well as the number of hours you work by delegating data analysis to Ignite. Our suggestion engine will analyze the performance of auto-targeted campaigns and create new keywords in your manually-targeted campaigns—automatically.

Speed Up Workflows by Simplifying Complex Tasks

Feature: Bulk Actions

Manually selecting individual keywords for a campaign is tedious and time-consuming. There has to be a better way! Luckily, there is with Ignite’s Bulk Actions feature. You can filter the keywords or search terms within a campaign based on your parameters to select all that apply in an instant. This will speed up your workflow thanks to Ignite’s advanced drill-down filters.

Lower ACoS and Improve ROAS

Feature: Ad Scheduling

Lower ACoS (advertising cost of sale) and improve RoAS (return on advertising spend) because ads are placed strategically based on time and buyer behavior. Ad Scheduling lets you decide when you want your ads to be displayed. This will make your ads profitable by spending ad budget strategically and reaching buyers at better times.

Maximize Profitability with Better Campaigns

Feature: 60+ Days of Campaign Data

More data means more ways to maximize profitability, which equals better campaigns. Go beyond Amazon’s 60 days of campaign data with Ignite. As soon as you connect Ignite to Amazon’s advertising API, it starts building a database of advertising information—information that informs Ignite’s artificial intelligence. Ignite relies on advertising data to create suggestions for further optimizations.

Reach Understanding Faster

Feature: Advertising Dashboard

What does it mean to reach understanding faster? Essentially, it means that you spend less time reaching a conclusion. That’s exactly what Ignite’s advertising dashboards do. Understand how well your advertising campaigns are performing at a glance.

In the campaign dashboard you’ll be able to:

  • See all campaign performance in one location
  • Change the scope of time
  • More than 60 days of data
  • CSV download for external reporting
  • ACoS
  • Ad Revenue
  • Clicks
  • Click-through rate
  • Cost-per-click
  • Cost-per-sale
  • And more

Next Steps

Now that you know about all of the ways Ignite can earn you more money and save you time, it’s time to try it out. We offer a free 30-day trial of Ignite to everyone. This will give you enough time to test out Ignite and see if its automated suggestions work for you.

What are you waiting for? Try Ignite for free today >

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