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Trillium Cable Reduces Costs While Maximizing Profits with Seller Labs Managed Services

Paul Larrieu
Paul Larrieu Author

Since it was founded in 2008, Trillium Wire & Cable has grown to become a leading wholesale distributor of electrical apparatus and equipment wiring supplies. Representing more than 45 manufacturers worldwide with a team that utilizes more than 50 years of industry experience, Trillium is built with one purpose in mind: to help you with your electrical cable supply concerns.

Prior to working with Seller Labs, Trillium had used another vendor to help manage its Amazon advertising and product strategy. However, Trillium started noticing declining returns and increases to both its ACoS and TACoS.

In effort to control costs and improve results, Greg Anixter gathered the troops at Trillium and went looking for answers. After watching a Seller Labs webinar in 2020, the Trillium team was offered a free review of their existing advertising. Once Seller Labs Managed Services team reviewed their ad spend, Greg met with them, and became convinced they could benefit in several ways, including containing costs but also in optimizing and updating our campaigns. So, in May of 2020, Greg decided to give Seller Labs a try.

Greg worked with Seller Labs to gain the ability to not only deliver its Amazon ad program, it also was able to subsequently draw out insightful and relevant results in the exact way they wanted to using Seller Labs’ advanced reporting tools.

Greg Anixter, Manager at Trillium Wire & Cable

I am very impressed with the online reporting and also with my bi-weekly meeting with my account manager. Seller Labs has significantly reduced my spend, helped me move slow moving inventory, and cleaned up all my advertising.  Your team has helped me with my Amazon stores, and I have had them do several specialized projects for me.

Greg Anixter, Owner, Trillium Wire & Cable, LLC

As Trillium continues to work with Seller Labs, it will be looking to continue its growth, and continue to be the category leader.

Greg Anixter, Manager at Trillium Wire & Cable

As a 10-year Amazon seller, I have used a number of vendors to provide specialized services and to help us grow our business.  I would rate Seller Labs as the best vendor overall.  They have provided honest value and are a trustworthy partner in our success.

Greg Anixter EWCS Wire

Results Since Switching to Seller Labs:

30% reduction in ad budget MoM
15% increase in monthly ad revenue 
12% reduction in ACoS MoM
7% reduction in TACoS MoM
16% increase in total return MoM

Paul Larrieu
Paul Larrieu Sr. Marketing Manager at Seller Labs

Paul is the Senior Marketing Manager at Seller Labs. Results and data-driven, he’s spent his career navigating through multiple disciplines within Marketing, and lately focusing on his passion: Demand Generation and Marketing Operations. Paul has 10 years of experience leading global B2B marketing strategies. An avid foodie, in his spare time you’ll find Paul trying out a new restaurant or food truck.


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