What is Frustration-Free Packaging?

We’ve all had the experience of trying to get into a package that Houdini himself would struggle to open. It’s amazing how anger inducing it can be to see the product you paid for being held hostage by unforgiving plastic and wires. Amazon offers a solution for sellers and shoppers alike with Frustration-Free Packaging.

What Makes the Packaging Frustration Free?

Unlike traditional packaging, Frustration-Free is designed for e-commerce shipping. It protects the product but doesn’t have it wrapped in layer after layer of varying plastics. Open up the Amazon box, maybe another smaller box too for smaller parts, and your purchase is out and ready to use. An added bonus is that Frustration-Free is 100% recyclable and uses less packaging waste. You’re helping yourself and the environment when using Frustration-Free.







As you can see from above when compared side-by-side to old packaging methods Frustration-Free cuts down on waste and effort for buyers to get their hands on their purchase.

Why should you use Frustration-Free Packaging?

Amazon says it best themselves here (plus you can check out their FAQ), but here are the major points they make:

  • Enjoy the benefits of additional merchandising and promotions or placements for participating products.
  • Potentially lower costs by reducing packaging materials, transportation, labor, and waste in your supply chain.
  • Receive certification for free. Amazon does not charge anything for the certification evaluation; you only need to provide samples of the products that you want reviewed.
  • Receive an initial evaluation within a few days. The entire process typically takes no more than a couple of weeks.
  • Complete a simple workflow for the products that you want reviewed for certification.

What they don’t mention however is how Frustration-Free can make the buying experience better. If your customers are happier with the packaging it will definitely help your seller feedback, and could help your product reviews as well. If their packaging experience is enjoyable that positive attitude could influence their perception on your product, gaining you more positive reviews. Rachel Greer also mentions in her blog that you should use Frustration-Free Packaging if you want your product to be considered branded by Amazon.

Frustration-Free packaging is a great way to prevent “wrap rage” from your customers. Happier customers means positive seller feedback and product reviews. More positive product reviews and seller feedback will greatly increase your chance to win the Buy Box. So by using Frustration-Free Packaging, you help the environment, your customers, and yourself! Everybody wins.


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