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Peter Kearns

Peter Kearns

Peter Kearns is an Amazon brand expert and has been working with brands and retailers on Amazon for nine years. His first four years were spent on Amazon’s Seller Services team. He’s helped hundreds of brands ranging from global brands to direct-to-consumer and start-ups generate $500+ million (and growing) in sales. Since Amazon, Peter has been consulting with brands and retailers on their Amazon strategy and he's now the head of Partnerships at Buy Box Experts.

Blog Posts

20/20 Vision: What Amazon Sellers Need to Know and Do in the New Year

2020 will undoubtedly be challenging, but there’s still gold to be mined for those sellers who can find and leverage opportunities better than their competition. […]

How to Build a Working Amazon ASIN Strategy with Peter Kearns

This is a replay of our weekly Facebook Live event with Peter Kearns, former Amazonian and VP of Client Solutions at 180Commerce. We talk ASIN […]

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Breaking Breaking

Effective Jan 17, Amazon announced their first FEE increases for 2023 and it is basically everything. Full details here. All exact % changes are noted as well.

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