20/20 Vision: What Amazon Sellers Need to Know and Do in the New Year

20/20 Vision: What Amazon Sellers Need to Know and Do in the New Year

2019 was a trying year for Amazon sellers:

  • Counterfeiting and hijacking spun out of control.
  • Buyer-seller messaging became increasingly restrictive.
  • Suspensions — without warning — were frequent.
  • Advertising became shockingly competitive and expensive.
  • Amazon took the gloves off and hit hard to develop its own private label products.

But 2019 also presented opportunities for Amazon sellers, including:

  • Better metrics and Account Health
  • New multimedia and branding capabilities
  • Promos for lower fees based on inventory management
  • Super-fast delivery
  • The biggest Prime Day and Cyber Five holidays ever

So What About the New Year Ahead?

2020 will undoubtedly be challenging, but there’s still gold to be mined for those sellers who can find and leverage opportunities better than their competition. Join Amazon experts as they make sense of it all and share their predictions for the Amazon Marketplace in 2020. They’ll discuss:

  • The trends, challenges, and opportunities for 2020
  • Areas where in which you should prepare for significant changes
  • Growing and protecting your brand based on Amazon’s history and ambitions
  • And most important: What will give you your sales edge

Catch the replay of our live event! Watch James Thomson, Peter Kearns, and Jeff Cohen address your questions, trends we’ve seen in the Amazon space, and what you should be watching in the new year.

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