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Brand Registry Is Just the Beginning: A Roundup of Amazon Anti-Counterfeiting Programs

Jessica Wright
Jessica Wright Author

As brands selling on Amazon grapple with counterfeiters, Amazon is introducing programs that put more power into brand owners’ hands. If a company holds an active, live trademark in the US (other country eligibility requirements are available from Amazon), it can enroll in Amazon Brand Registry. Once registered, companies can unlock numerous features designed to prevent, combat, and even remove counterfeits from the marketplace.

Besides Brand Registry, Amazon introduced two other programs, Project Zero and Transparency, to round out its current offerings. Though the black-hat tactics are constantly evolving, these initial steps put some real power into the hands of brands.

Here’s a quick glance at all three Amazon anti-counterfeiting programs and their primary features.

1. Brand Registry

The key to most of Amazon’s recent anti-counterfeiting programs, Amazon Brand Registry identifies brand owners to Amazon. Once enrolled, Amazon provides features that help brand owners protect their intellectual property, find and report infringement violations, and better represent their brand. 

We recommend all brands that have an active, registered trademark enroll in Amazon Brand Registry. There are many emerging offerings that provide counterfeit protection, but there are several other features that you can use to control the brand experience your customers have. 

Read more about the benefits of joining Amazon Brand Registry here.

2. Project Zero

Project Zero is Amazon’s latest program to fight the rapid emergence of counterfeit products on its site. Amazon’s new Project Zero is an invitation-only program currently, and US brands have to join a waitlist before they can access its counterfeit-removing features. 

The program offers a number of new protections including: automated crawling powered by machine learning, self-service counterfeit removal, and product serialization. 

To be considered for the program, a brand must have a government-registered trademark, and be enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry program.

Learn more about Project Zero here

3. Amazon Transparency

Amazon’s Transparency program has been around for a little while, but it’s just now gaining some coverage. In this program, Amazon’s specialized barcode technology allows consumers to verify a product’s authenticity. Amazon uses this to thwart would-be counterfeiters before a fake product is shipped to Amazon for FBA, and it also prevents customers from receiving counterfeit goods sent to them via FBA or FBM.

In the United States, members of Amazon’s Brand Registry can enroll in Amazon’s Transparency program. Sellers who are able to prove they are brand owners of their products are also able to sign up. Amazon offers Transparency to both Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) and Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) sellers, and brands can choose to enroll one or more products in the program. The program provides unique tracking codes that must be affixed to every individual enrolled product.

Read more about the Amazon Transparency program.

Learn More about Anti-Counterfeiting 

Want to learn more about Amazon anti-counterfeiting? Check out our guide to Understanding Amazon Black-Hat Tactics and equip yourself to battle the bad actors.

Jessica Wright
Jessica Wright Senior Brand Strategist, Seller Labs Managed Services

Jessica Wright is the in-house "Amazon Genius" for the Seller Labs Managed Services team. Her focus is working with our team members and clients to educate and answer tough Amazon questions in areas outside of PPC advertising. With 15 years of manufacturing and eCommerce experience on both the brand and agency sides of the business, Jessica is knowledgeable in all things Amazon and is constantly seeking out the latest updates to help Seller Labs clients stay ahead.


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