Sourcing: How to Recognize Right Steps and Red Flags

You don’t often find mention of sourcing on the Seller Labs blog. Along with finances, it’s not our specialty. When we run into our own sourcing troubles or have stories to share, we like to talk to the experts and get their point of view. At CES VI in Indianapolis, Indiana, Jeff had the opportunity to chat for a bit with Tim Jordan of Hickory Flats about some common sourcing trends.

In this interview, Tim and Jeff talk about

  • How to build relationships with suppliers in China
  • The biggest red flag when sourcing
  • The benefits of being on the ground (if you can)
  • When to remove your emotions, and go with the math

Don’t forget to learn a little more about Chinese supplier relations through the China: The Amazon Goldrush Frenzy ebook! Looking to learn more from Tim Jordan? Follow Tim on YouTube or connect with him on LinkedIn!

Hickory Flats is a multi-national company focused on helping Private Label sellers and Brand Builders through sourcing, shipping, consulting, and other various services.  They use their experience and capabilities to teach AND handle complex problems, allowing you to scale your business FASTER! They also offer world-class sourcing retreats, where you can join them in China or Guatemala for world-class accommodations while you learn from some of the best and meet actual supplier to source your next winning product!  Check them out at and see how THEY can help YOU!


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