Amazon Policies

A Summary of Amazon’s Buyer-Seller Messaging Guidelines Updates & Best Practices

In case you missed it, Amazon will begin enforcing their most recent Buyer-Seller Messaging Guidelines updates on Friday, November 6, 2020. We’ve gathered a few […]

How to Stay Compliant with Buyer-Seller Messaging

On September 8, 2020, Amazon posted an announcement in Seller Central that they would be making changes to the Buyer-Seller Messaging Guidelines, effective November 3, […]

Amazon Communications Policy Changes & Buyer-Seller Messaging Updates [September 2020]

With every rule change from Amazon, sellers struggle to understand and comply with the new information. What’s okay to do? What’s not okay? What could lead to suspension? At Seller Labs, we understand and we’re here to make this Amazon communications policy update as clear as possible. First thing to know: We’re really excited about the update for two reasons: 1) Amazon has made it clear that you can ask buyers for reviews. We’ve always understood this to be true, but the latest update explicitly says it. Once again: YES, YOU CAN ASK A BUYER FOR A REVIEW. 2) Amazon has made it clear that you can use Seller Labs Pro, powered by Feedback Genius, to communicate with buyers. The new rules state that you can use an approved third-party application listed in the Marketplace Appstore. Seller Labs Pro is absolutely approved. To be clear: YES, YOU CAN USE FEEDBACK GENIUS TO ASK A BUYER FOR A REVIEW.

The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Seller Central Answers and Tools

Amazon Seller Central holds an astonishing amount of information while providing sellers with crucial tools for account maintenance and business growth. However, Seller Central can prove difficult to navigate when seeking that information and it can be cumbersome when utilizing those tools. If you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for or where to find it, it’s easy to get lost in the Amazon Seller Central labyrinth. To help you get to exactly what you need from Amazon Seller Central — quickly, directly, and without frustration — we’ve put together our guide to the best of Seller Central. Within this guide, you’ll find links to the most-useful pages, tools, and resources available as well as some hidden gems. Bookmark some, bookmark all, or just bookmark this page so you can skip the Seller Central rigmarole and get exactly what you need to save time, increase profitability, and stay up to date on Amazon policies.

[UPDATED] Understanding Amazon Black-Hat Tactics & Protecting Against Them: Your Terminology Guide

The Amazon ecosystem is rich with opportunity, but it’s also highly competitive, which inspires unethical schemes that seem to appear with dizzying speed. The amount and variety of unscrupulous behaviors on the Amazon Marketplace has become its own shadowy empire (known as the world of Amazon black-hat tactics), complete with its own language and jargon. In order to understand the dangers you face and how to protect your eCommerce business, Amazon sellers and brand owners must understand the threats posed to them as well as the language of such dark dealings. To help you comprehend the perils of black-hat tactics used on Amazon and to assist you in protecting your business and prospering, Seller Labs presents this updated guide.

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