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Advanced Tips from Amazon Consulting Experts: 5 Reasons to Watch - A synopsis of Resonate 2021

Maria Navolykina
Maria Navolykina Author

The future has arrived! While science fiction novels capture our imagination with space tourism ideas, emerging technologies have brought them to life. If you haven’t heard about Sir Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk and their breakthrough flight trips to sub-orbital space this year, you must be living under a rock! The world is changing rapidly, opening new doors for industries like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Cloud Computing, and many others widely applied in eCommerce.   

Just like any eCommerce marketplace, Amazon is expanding and upgrading at a breakneck pace, pushing Amazon sellers to clamber their way through the thickets of innovations, and stand up against the competition.   

In this context, any online entrepreneur needs an authoritative Amazon sales expert in their corner. This is why we are hosting a variety of video sessions on how to solidify your marketing strategy, attain sales growth, diversify sales and marketing channels within Amazon and beyond, and many, many more! 
Before you meet our Resonate 2021 guest speakers sharing their firsthand knowledge to help you grow your Amazon business, let me give you a short overview of what Resonate is.

A Brief Insight into Resonate’s Origin

After you’ve registered on Amazon Seller Central or Vendor Central, acquired primary account management skills, and launched your first Amazon product, you’re faced with the challenge of keeping your Amazon business afloat.

Whether you are a private labeler, wholesaler, retailer, or manufacturer, having an Amazon consultant (or team of Amazon experts) to guide you through the blockers holding your business back is a good option.

Since it was first hosted in 2016, Seller Labs Resonate Event has been focusing on the variety of options for a seasoned online entrepreneur to keep on scaling his or her business in the ever-changing Amazon landscape. Resonate 2021 is the perfect example of “all hands on the deck” to figure out brand-new solutions to the age-old “hows”:

  • How can I increase sales?
  • How can I optimize for search engines in order to rank higher?
  • How can Amazon FBA benefit my business?
  • How can I optimize FBA operations?
  • How should I expand my business internationally?

Once you’ve reached the plateau, it’s time to think big to level up your Amazon business. If you are ready to shoot for the stars, let’s do it together. Three… Two…  One… Liftoff!

5 Reasons to Watch the Resonate Digital Content Series

If you’ve attended a Resonate event in the past, you know the value of the content. Let me reel off some pro arguments to pay attention to our yearly held Resonate Event, if you haven’t got around to it yet. Here are at least five reasons:

1. Stay on Top of Amazon Changes

Amazon FBA in 2021, adjustments in review policies, skyrocketing Amazon Advertising prices, the new role of Sponsored Display Ads, and influencer marketing campaigns stepping forward… So, how not to get drowned in the novelties and -hopefully- benefit from them? 

Amazon and eCommerce trends can change at the speed of a single click. Therefore, an online seller should keep a sharp lookout for any impending changes. Unfortunately, monitoring the Amazon news section in Seller Central accounts demands a great deal of time and effort. Online sources like podcasts, blogs, and webinars help form a full picture of Amazon behind-the-scenes, but for one exception: “theory” can be overwhelming unless it is backed by practical examples. The truth is that theoretical knowledge doesn’t always translate to sales, and every Amazon business is going to react differently depending on the strategy. 

Suppose you are looking for some practical knowledge to fit the current changes in FBA operations, Advertising, Social Campaigns, or Logistics (all bunched in one place and at the same time!). In that case, it might be worthwhile to drop in on our Resonate Conference.

2. Get Inspired by Powerful Speakers

Learning from other sellers’ mistakes is generally less painful and much cheaper than your regular trial and error. 

There is no cookie-cutter method to handle all eCommerce obstacles, but we can offer you actionable tips from experienced online sellers and subject matter experts. Moreover, you can weave your effective strategy addressing case studies and success stories of real brands like Spikeball (delivering on Community with Mike White) or Beau & Belle Littles (Nano-influencer campaign by Paul Baron). 

Resonate brings together eCommerce experts to help you with all facets of your business:
When you need to optimize your product listings and nail proper product titles, here comes Robyn Johnson with Amazon SEO advanced strategies. Ready to expand your Amazon sales worldwide? Kevin Sanderson is here sharing hands-on knowledge on how to start selling internationally. Also, meet Melisa Burdick to dive deep into Amazon PPC campaigns, Mike Jackness showing the main means of increasing external traffic to your Amazon product page,  to name a few!

3. Discover Your Business Needs

Despite the volume of products on Amazon, most are not unique, which results in increased competition. Building a doppelganger storefront is obviously the last thing an Amazon seller should do to boost conversion rates. 

In this case, Resonate Conference offers you a chance to look at your business from another angle, address authoritative opinions (either accept or reject them) and finally know your priorities. Sometimes, it just takes hearing it from someone else to encourage you to take further steps. 

There are plenty of options to win more sales on Amazon: invest in a PPC campaign, shift focus to social media, rank higher with organic Amazon SEO, or own your intellectual property; all of them included in this year’s event. Since no two businesses are alike, chances are that you will need ALL of these strategies at some point. Start with the one that resonates (no pun intended) with your business the most.

We have split our video sessions into 6 categories, spamming the breadth of your business needs:   

– Advertising 
– Growing Beyond Amazon
– Data & Decision Making
– Scaling Your Business 
– Profitability 
– Optimizing Your Brand

4. Enhance Seller Skills at Your Convenience

In response to the global pandemic, we accelerated our digital efforts and shaped our guest experts’ actionable tips into a handy and available format. With the Resonate Digital Content Series’ setup, you can tune into any of our sessions (including the previous years’ content) whenever you’d like! Watch it as you eat your lunch or start a session as you’re walking on the treadmill. Consume the content on your terms!

5. Become a Member of an Innovative Community

Every pro was once a beginner, just like every Amazon marketing expert was once an amateur Amazon marketer. Above all the opportunities for Amazon business growth, Resonate Conference is designed to help you mature your level of expertise, which is an invaluable experience. 

Jessica Wright, Seller Labs Senior Brand Strategist, is the perfect example of how a Resonate Conference 2016’s attendee can grow into an authoritative Resonate 2021 expert. With 15 years of background in eCommerce, Jessica is now an “Amazon genius”. In fact, she’s a speaker in our Digital Content Series, covering why enrolling in Amazon Brand Registry is essential for your Amazon business

Wrapping It Up

Although no Seller Labs Annual Resonate Conference is ever the same we continue to address sellers’ main challenges: sales growth, brand expansion, and traffic improvements. It has never been easier to level up your business skills at your own pace. With just a few minutes per day, you can gain knowledge on how to make your business thrive and grow sales with a professional you can trust.

If you’re still looking for more hands-on assistance, Seller Labs also has its own team of professionals, ready to help you implement new advertising campaigns, Amazon SEO strategies, or manage customer messaging. If you need an expert in your corner, Seller Labs Managed Services is always on stand-by.


Maria Navolykina
Maria Navolykina SEO Content Specialist at Seller Labs

Maria is an SEO Content Specialist at Seller Labs. Once captured by digital and content marketing in her student days, she keeps living and breathing it ever since.


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