Seller Labs Spring 2018 Newsletter: The Growth-Focus Edition

Spring Is Here and in Full Effect…

…And with it comes the opportunity (and responsibility) to get your lawn, garden, and Amazon business in order so that you can experience growth and enjoy the fruits of your labor! To help you do just that, this newsletter is blooming with information, tips, announcements, savings, and everything else you need to stave off encroaching vines, uproot nasty weeds, and grow all of the good stuff that keeps your business lean, mean, and in the green.


To create optimal growth conditions, you need fertile ground and the right tools. Sorry, we’re not coming over to do your yard work, but we are running our Seller Labs’ Spring Grow Promo where you get all four Seller Labs tools in one Pro package at a huge discount. That’s Ignite, Feedback Genius, Scope, and Quantify not just for a sweet bundled price but with an additional 25% off for the first three months. Hurry, this offer ends 6/1/2018!

  1. Hit the Pro page to see what Pro can do for you.
  2. Choose the Pro package that’s right for your business (remember it’s about growing your business so don’t be afraid to be ambitious!)
  3. Sign up and use promo code: NWSMAY18 for your discount.*

FEEDBACK & REVIEWS: Solutions to Manage a Thorny Patch

Wow, feedback/reviews is such a hot topic right now. There’s so much confusion (and frustration) swirling around when it comes to what’s okay by Amazon, what’s real versus rumor, what constitutes reasonable performance, how best to use apps like Feedback Genius … and just what the role of feedback is now and how to get the kind that help sellers better serve buyers, and in turn, better their seller reputations and brands. Bottom line (and contrary to some sellers’ beliefs) meaningful feedback is still attainable and very much worth pursuing. In fact, legit product reviews and seller feedback have never been more important than they are today, and buyer-seller emails as a step in the customer-service process has never been more vital. Here’s our advice and a hefty crop of resources to guide you > 


We have some VERY BIG news about Ignite coming soon. It’s not an understatement to say that what’s in the works will totally revolutionize how you approach (and crush) Amazon Advertising. This isn’t just a few updates and enhancements, this is full-on game-changing power, growth, and flexibility at hand. If you’re headed to IRCE in early June, you can expect to get a glimpse into what we can only call Ignite 2.0: The Future of Amazon Advertising Management. Speaking of IRCE and shows…


Rocky Mountain Reseller: June 1–2, 2018: Denver, Colorado

Join us Friday, June 1 at 11:15 A.M. for Breakout 1C in the Crystal Room! It’s time well spent with everybody’s favorite advertising-guru, Edward “PPC Ed” Ruffin and he drops the need-to-know on “Using PPC Effectively.” Edward specializes in Amazon Sponsored Products Ads and he routinely helps sellers with the most-limited budgets as well as those working with ad-spends in the tens of thousands of dollars. Regardless of budget, niche, and product, PPC Ed’s guidance and insight helps sellers manage ACoS, grow sales, build their brands, and better understand Amazon advertising.

IRCE: June 5–8, 2018: Chicago, Illinois

So. Much. Seller. Labs. Presence. YES!

  1. Find us at booth 1831 and don’t forget to get your collectible sticker! Seriously, these things are the hit of the 2018 trade show circuit.
  2. Catch Jeff Cohen speaking TWICE at IRCE!
    • How to Get Your First 50 Reviews is co-presented by Jeff and Peter Marlenga (Director, Operations, Tech Armor) on Tuesday, June 5, 11:00–11:45 A.M. in Skyline Ballroom D.
    • And homeboy’s gonna have to hustle to Room 184 ABC to make it in time to co-present Growing Your Sales on Amazon with Mike Brown (Founder, Death Wish Coffee) from 1:00–1:45 P.M. that same day.

Resonate 2018: Conference Complete, Content Still Available!

And there was that small matter of a conference we hosted in mid-May in Atlanta. Resonate 2018 was packed with amazing content and awesome presenters and attendees (not to mention delicious food and a visit to the Georgia Aquarium!) If you couldn’t make it this year, don’t worry! We’re still offering Digital Tickets that will get you all of the content delivered this summer. You don’t want to miss out on these inspiring speakers and their presentations. Attendee consensus was that this is unlike anything else in terms of Amazon conferences, which was the ultimate compliment. Definitely get in on the knowledge.


Amazon is known for many things (innovation, risk-taking, expansion, ambition… ), but letting others into their inner circles and sanctums is not on that list. That’s why it’s such an honor for Seller Labs to have been selected by Amazon to join in two exciting endeavors, both of which are not just opportunities for Amazon and Seller Labs, but also for you, our seller community. We look forward to leveraging these partnerships to bring you even more and better solutions to drive your success!

  1. Seller Labs Joins The Amazon Marketplace Developer Council
  2. Seller Labs Ignite And Feedback Genius Tools Now Available At The New Amazon Marketplace Appstore

CONTENT CATCH-UP: So Many Posts Sprouted Up Since Our Last Newsletter


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