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5 Freelancers You Should Have On Your Amazon Team This Holiday Season

Maria Navolykina
Maria Navolykina Author

Every online entrepreneur looks forward to the holidays, and for a good reason. It’s the time when people are generous with their spending. A smart entrepreneur knows that if there’s a perfect time to apply that long-standing principle of striking while the iron is hot, this is one of those times. Good business owners know how to anticipate opportunities like these. It’s vital so they can plan ahead and take full advantage of this period.
People are going to be more willing to open their wallets and swipe their credit cards in exchange for products, which, as a business owner, you will wish come from your store. As an Amazon business owner, it is critical to be able to maximize some of the tasks and responsibilities involved in some of the major aspects of your online store by outsourcing them to people who specialize in them.
Here are five freelancers you should have on your Amazon sales team this holiday season:

1. Copywriter

People are going to be online most of the time during the holiday season looking for gift ideas or just to get something for themselves. With the thousands (if not millions) of online stores selling generally the same products, you’ll want yours to stand out and be noticed above others and this is where a good copywriter comes in handy. A good Amazon copywriter is one who has rich Amazon experience under their belt. He or she should also be able to craft persuasive and catchy titles that are also keyword-rich.  
In short, you need someone who has the ability not only to attract potential customers but also someone who is capable of satisfying Google’s requirements so people can easily find your Amazon store when they do a Google search.

2. Designer

According to the Social Science Research Network, 65% of people are visual learners, which means they tend to remember visual content more than those riddled with text. Think about it.  Would you click on a Facebook post that doesn’t have a thumbnail preview over one that has a really striking and thought-provoking image that comes with it? I highly doubt that, and this is true for almost everyone who shops online on a regular basis.
If they’re looking for a bag, for example, it will be more appealing to see pictures of the bag in different colors and angles. The presentation is essential when it comes to selling online. You need to be able to take advantage of people’s visual tendencies if you are going to make it big as an Amazon business owner.
It’s hard to get people’s attention with so many options available within their reach. So, just like in copywriting, you need to be able to stand out from the rest of the competition. Good copy combined with awesome photos and graphics leads to more sales because, at the end of the day, you just need to get people’s attention. Once you have it, you’re one step closer to a making a sale.

3. Inventory Manager

Making a sale is such a triumph. You’ve managed to lure customers to your store with good copy and design and convinced them to buy your product. Case closed.
Well, not exactly. Getting them to buy from you is just the initial step. Sending them the product is another. What if, after making a sale, you find out that the product the customer ordered is out of stock? This is something you wouldn’t want to happen because your reputation and sales will definitely take a big hit. This is all the more reason for you to get an efficient and competent inventory manager.
It takes a special person to be able to maintain a balance between being well-stocked yet not overstocked as well as having someone who knows when to order new units as needed and how to avoid Amazon storage fees. It requires experience and a meticulous eye to be able to oversee and manage an inventory made up of thousands of products with different variations.  
You wouldn’t want to throw away a good sale all because you failed to realize that you were short on stock. Having an experienced inventory manager should help you avoid making this crucial mistake.

4. Order Fulfilment Specialists

Yes, processing orders end-to-end from order entry to order confirmation as well as processing returns and refunds aren’t really that difficult. But as an Amazon business owner, your time is too valuable to be spent on such tasks. You can’t afford to get overwhelmed during these days. Getting someone to focus solely on order fulfillment will be a good decision to make.
If there’s one thing the holiday season guarantees, it’s the bigger volume of orders that will be coming in compared to regular days. You’ll need all the help you can get in fulfilling these orders. It’s a brilliant idea to outsource this task. Not only will you be saving yourself a lot of time, you’ll also be giving your business a bigger chance of gaining more profits and customers. Having dedicated workers taking care of their orders and other requests will only make things better for you and your business.

5. Customer Support Representatives

Holidays are supposed to be a time for happiness. When it comes to business, it’s a time to make the sales and profit sort of happiness. That means it’s also a time to be productive. No matter how much you prepared for the season, there will be a few bumps and bruises. And they will come in the form of customer complaints and bad reviews.  
Though these are supposed to be part of the business, dealing with them can become stressful. As a business owner, that’s something you do not need to go through, especially at a time like this. You don’t need to spend too much time on customer service and absorb all the stress when you can outsource it. Hire people who have years of experience dealing with the nastiest customer complaints. You’ll be happier you did. Sure, you’ll be getting a couple of escalations which you are in the best position to address. All the rest, however, you can leave to your customer service reps to handle.


It’s been said that great leaders hire people who are smarter than them and the holiday season is the best time to put this principle into practice. While it is possible to know everything involved in running an Amazon business, being great at all of the different little tasks is close to impossible.
Taking advantage of the opportunities at hand is your number one priority. Outsourcing is a huge opportunity for you and your business. The best way to get the most out of the season is to be able to outsource some of the key tasks to people who eat, live and breathe doing them.  
Get yourself experts for each of these tasks mentioned. The profit you will make as a result will definitely be worth the money you’ll pay each of these freelancers, not to mention the priceless value of saving you from all the unnecessary headaches that you’re bound to experience if you decide to go solo.

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Maria Navolykina
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Maria is an SEO Content Specialist at Seller Labs. Once captured by digital and content marketing in her student days, she keeps living and breathing it ever since.


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