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Amazon Ad Campaign Strategy Boosts Tech Company's Monthly Sales 338% [Case Study]

Helen Golubeva
Helen Golubeva Author

After attempting to manage ads himself, the founder of a mid-size company selling cell phones, technology, and electronics independently on Amazon quickly realized the enormous amount of time required to learn the program, build an Amazon ad campaign strategy, implement it, and maintain it. The company chose Seller Labs Managed Services (SLMS) as expert Amazon PPC managers to create and run all of its advertising campaigns going forward.

“Over just eight months, the SLMS team increased the company’s monthly Amazon advertising revenue from $12,301 to nearly $200,000, simultaneously decreasing the company’s ACoS by 91% and achieving a final ACoS of just 3.99%.”

The SLMS team created all new campaigns and optimized them over time. In addition, since the company was frequently receiving new products, the SLMS team created launch-specific campaigns that delivered the sales velocity and profitability needed to make a huge splash on Amazon.

Read the case study to learn how one company increased monthly units sold by 338% after choosing Seller Labs Managed Services (SLMS) as expert Amazon PPC managers to create and run all Amazon ad campaigns.

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    How Seller Labs Managed Services Delivered

    When the owner came to SLMS for help, our team immediately discovered that the company had no active Amazon ad campaigns running. When we asked the owner why this was, he explained that after being overwhelmed by the quantity and complexity of campaigns, he’d felt forced to discontinue Amazon Advertising because the costs and effort were too great. He knew that this was not a good use of his time or his money.

    With the issues identified and the campaigns inactive, the SLMS team decided that the client would benefit from a fresh strategy and start rather than trying to salvage the old campaigns.

    To deliver that fresh start, we structured new streamlined Amazon ad campaigns that would deliver results and collect data quickly. From there, we optimized based on performance while also generating ad revenue and rising in organic rankings. The second part of the strategy included taking into account that the company was frequently receiving new products that required tailored launches that made a big splash.

    The company reached target ACoS goal of 20% within just five months, but SLMS knew that we could get ACoS even lower while further driving ad-related sales, thus increasing monthly profitability.

    Even more exciting, since the company’s revenue was increasing at a faster rate than its ad costs, SLMS recognized the opportunity to up ACoS slightly and achieve greater revenue at a higher proportion.

    With controlled experimental Amazon ad campaigns based on data indicators, the SLMS team hit the sweet spot where the lowest ACoS generated the highest revenue. For the company, that took the dramatic form of decreasing ACoS to just 3.99% (a drop of 92%) and boosting ad revenue from $12,301 to nearly $200,000 over just eight months.

    The company continues to see incredible success due to the strong Amazon ad campaign strategy that SLMS employs with existing campaigns and creates for the large amount of products the company adds each month. The efficiency and performance of the SLMS-run campaigns has ensured it is easy for the technology company to add more and more refurbished products into campaigns.

    Month 1Month 8% Change
    Ad Sales$12,301.36$196,558.83+1,497.86%
    Units Sold Monthly112491+338.39%

    Helen Golubeva
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